Friday, 4 June 2010

Bête de Jour :: The Intimate Adventures Of An Ugly Man

This is the story of Stan Cattermole, alias Bête de Jour. It starts here: The Beginning of a Great Adventure. If you don't know what happens, you should probably follow that link and read the whole thing from the beginning. It'll only take you a few days.

Or you could just buy the book, which actually tells a lot more of Stan's story.

Then you should go to and be nice to Karl. He's ace.

Bye bye.

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Quiet richard said...

I've just stolen your book from the local library.

PurestGreen said...

Goodbye Stan. Hello Karl. Have a great time tonight.

Myeral said...

Piss off you ugly git! See you on the other side

greenteamate said...

It took me awhile to find you again and this is what I get?! :P

Guess I won't be seeing my blog crush anymore :((

Take care of you...

Annie said...

"Please be nice to Karl. He's fucking ace."

You are talking about yourself here, right? Or are your own stories confusing you?

I realise I'm a little bit late to the game but... WHAT?! I believed you and I trusted you and I felt for you.

sad smiley :(

La Bête said...

Sorry, Annie.