Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Facts, Figures and a Few Home Truths…

Right. So. I’m six foot tall and I weigh a couple of bubbles of fat under 20 stone. That’s pretty gross. I’ve just read a little piece here entitled ‘Am I morbidly obese?’ The good news is, I’m not. The bad news is, I am very definitely ‘severely obese’.

I didn’t know. I thought I was just obese. Or even ‘horribly porky’. But no. I’m Severely Obese. This actually makes me Fairly Depressed.

But at least I’m doing something about it. And that’s worth remembering. PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. You bet.

My aim, as I’ve mentioned, is to get down to 12 stone. So that’s a little under 8 stone. In one year. Which means, basically, I have to lose 2.2 pounds every week. So according to this, my daily calorie intake should be no more than 1954.78. I’m going to call it 1900.

Is that a lot? I’m not sure. I’m going to work out how much I’ve had so far today in a moment.

The good news however, is that I haven’t smoked. Not a single cigarette. Actually, that’s great news. Well done, me. Also, I’ve broken the back of the work I have to do today. And now I’m going to finish it. And then I can devote a little bit of time to finding myself a lady. Oh yes.

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1 comment:

Suzi said...

Wow, that website is pretty severe. If I was in the range it declares my "ideal weight range," I'd be a shapeless stick. No thanks! I like having curves, thank you very much.

I'd take his recommendations with a grain of salt if I were you.

Wonderful, wonderful writing! I fear you've become my new addiction.