Friday, 7 August 2009

Feedback Friday :: Paint Me A Lake and I’ll Drown In It

hours on bike :: 12
hours of Wii Fit :: 7
pictures of Jackson :: 2
photographs taken :: 106
decent photographs taken :: maybe 10
festivals attended :: 0
days remaining till return to London :: 23

A little over a week ago I found myself at the very excellent Draw Serge, where illustrator Jonathan Edwards invites artists the internet over to send in their visual interpretations of ‘louche, turtle-eyed genius’ Serge Gainsbourg. I thought this was a wonderful idea, but I didn’t really understand why Serge Gainsbourg was the inspiration. Apart from his song about ladybirds fucking, the only thing I really know him for is his hilarious harassment of a pre-crack-ravaged Whitney Houston on French TV. So, spurred on by my gargantuan ignorance, I thought I’d like to do something similar but with a subject I could more readily relate to. Ideally it would be someone renowned for their many different looks. Hmmm. I thought for a while. Then it hit me. Ow!

And so Draw Jackson was born.

Not being an artist myself, I turned to my friend NotKeith to help me get started, and over the last week, we both knocked up a couple of efforts. Obviously, Keith's are somewhat better than mine...

Now I’m going to try and get the internet involved.

Being realistic, I know that like so many others, this project will probably fall flat on its bleached face at the first hurdle, but you know what? I do not care. It’s a bit of fun, innit? And a fitting tribute to a fascinating man.

So whether you have bags of artistic talent or you can barely draw breath; whether you adored Michael Jackson and agreed with Uri Geller that he was basically Jesus, but whiter, or you despised him and considered him the concentrated OJ of child abuse, do the internet a favour and make a pictorial tribute to the troubled king of moonwalking and Jesus Juice. Your work will be briefly critiqued and your blog, if you have one, linked.

In other visual news, the sun was out yesterday in the North for pretty much the first time this year, so I went to the sea and took some photos. I’d like if I may, to share them with you. And I know I may.

This says it all really…

This is the reason I cycled for four hours yesterday and the reason I’m having another crack at fasting over the next few days. I refuse to end up like one of these pregnant old men…

And this is a windmill…

And this has nothing whatsoever to do with Michael Jackson – just one letter out though…

There are lots more here, should you be of a mind to peruse them.

Now I must return to the saddle, before the clouds crack.

Have a good weekend.

Doing anything nice?

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Nicky said...

As someone living in the Northeast it strikes me that your whole outlook about this part of the UK is tainted by the fact that you live in a scummy dump of a town south of the river (don't be offended, all Northeast towns south of the river are scummy dumps). Northumberland and Newcastle are far removed from the foedit armpit of the UK you're stranded in for the next 23 days (no offence to your Gran, obv). Not that I'm biased at all, oh no no no.

La Bête said...

Yeah, I'm not convinced. I've spent a few days in Newcastle since I've been here and although it has a lot more amenities and non-white faces, it still seems pretty backward to me. Although there is the very real possibility that my memories of London and the people therein have become ridiculously rose-tinted since I've been here. Maybe I just hate most people. Yeah. Maybe that's it.

Nicky said...

Aaah, so that's it. London will cure you, you'll be in love with the world again once you get home. I'm so impressed by your photo composition by the way. Can you please at least take one of a bloke with a pylon sticking out of his head so I can tell everyone that someone takes pics as bad as mine?

gongman said...

"the only thing I really know him for is his hilarious harassment of a pre-crack-ravaged Whitney Houston on French TV."

Clicked on the link,only to be informed that the video was "unavailable in my country due to copyright blah blah...."

WTF I´m in France!Why can`t I see a clip that was originally shown on French TV ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

A clip showing a French icon in an unfavourable light.Censorship is a hideous reality here it would seem.

But then the French have abysmal musical taste anyway.Johnny Hallyday......

I rest my case.

Catofstripes said...

I'm sure I have better things to do.

Click here

Too obvious perhaps?

rachaelgking said...

7 HOURS on a Wii fit?? You are better than me... Mine always yells when I get on because it's been so long. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour La Bête,
Serge Gainsbourg was as crap on TV as he was good on records. Just listen to his music and words, and forget the rest.
And the proof that a man with a "cabbage face" could have the most beautiful girls in his bed.
Uncle Did