Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bête de Jour Has Written a Novel :: The Lives and Loves of Hana Lee

That's right, I have written a novel. It's called The Lives and Loves of Hana Lee and so far it's available on Amazon and Smashwords. I think it's very good. Other people think so too. Look, from here...

'...darkly hilarious and thought provoking from cover to cover...'

'Sometimes poignant and dark, sometimes very funny ... A must-buy, especially at this ridiculous price!'

'A truly original and thought provoking book. I read it in one and then read it again, just to be sure I hadn't missed anything.'

'This novel expresses perfectly what it means to be a woman. I had no idea the pain, the rage, the exhilaration could make for such a great novel of love, hope and laughs.'

'...extraordinary ... extremely well-written ... combines in one fast-paced novel many of the themes that I find irresistible in a book. Revenge, satire, comedy, history, science fiction, doomed relationships, unusual deaths, gothic horror, dodgy doctors, lesbian love and lashings of London...'

You will notice I have published it under the name KP Webster. That's because this is my real name, or as real as damn it. (The 'P' bit is made up. Consequently it's my favourite bit.) This is what it looks like...

This is what it costs: £2.05. It's an ebook. If you don't have a Kindle, you can read it on your computer, your phone, your tablet, whatever. (Just install this - takes a second and is free.) You can even download a pdf from Smashwords and print the damn thing out. If you hate trees that much. 

The important thing is that you read it, and if you like it, leave a review and tell your friends. My future happiness may depend upon it. Sadly.

I hope you are well.

Big love to you.


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