Saturday, 9 February 2008

Feedback Friday :: Sweet Memes and Early Spring

bulk :: 18st 9
cigarettes smoked :: 0
alcohol units drunk :: 14
runs run :: 3
Men’s Health gym-at-home exercise routines performed :: 2
ladies befriended irl :: 1
kittens abused :: 0

This week’s Feedback Friday is more of a Summery Saturday Summary, but it’s all the better for it in my opinion. What a beautiful day. The sky is blue, the sun is splendid and there is a palpable odour of possibility on the air…

I woke up wide and early today and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I got out of bed, ate a banana and settled myself at my computer. But then I felt restless and unusually energetic. It was a beautiful bright morning through my window and my car was fixed and waiting to be picked up at a nearby garage. I phoned at 7.30 and the mechanic was already at work, which surprised me, so I ate two more bananas and went to pick up my car.

I call my car Heathcote because I am pretentious and self-aggrandising. But Heathcote doesn’t mind. And this morning he was shiny, light and positively reborn. The mechanic chappy was quite chirpy as he talked me through the list of extra jobs he’d had to do and I must admit, when I paid him, I did so with a horrible grimace. However, Heathcote didn’t mind at all. He felt great in fact. He felt like he’d just back from a health farm and a tonne of bricks had been taken out of his boot.

So we went for a drive, Heathcote and I. Balls to London, Heathcote! That is what I shouted as we found the open road. And let me tell you, I really opened that bitch up. As they say. Half an hour later we were drifting towards Dartford and I found myself toying with the idea of revisiting some old haunts – my childhood home, my school, the birthplace of Mick Jagger – but then I thought, no. I thought, that’s a terrible idea. So instead I headed off into the country and drove rather too fast for half an hour or so. It was exhilarating.

And the weather was perfect for me. Too much sun and heat and I get all rashy. Today was glorious. Fecund, sharp and moist, like spring.

I parked up somewhere near Maidstone and took to the fields, feeling almost pagan enough to strip myself naked, thrash about on the ground and rub soil into my nipples. But not quite.

Full of promise though. It was really glorious. And it reminded me, that life is good.

This week I lost more weight and got a little fitter. I also promised that I’d reply in kind to a blog props meme, but in the end I actually found it too difficult. I feel underqualified frankly. I don’t know the web well enough and am just starting to find other people’s blogs. I thought the internet was just about me, but maybe it isn’t. But hey, maybe it is. Anyhow, there are two websites which I visit regularly that always leave me feeling a little richer. One is very well known, one less so.

1. Post Secret. Excellent for giving so much with so little. It’s impossible not to spend five minutes there without laughing, smiling, gasping, shaking your head and feeling very sad.

2. Clairvoyance. Excellent for sharing tiny short stories – or, ‘moments of grace where the heavens conspire to deliver a slice of life too good to ignore’. As above, this site gives an emotional reaction in such a short space of time. Something I would love to be able to do.

Oh, go on then, on a similar vein…

3. Exploding Dog.
Send him your titles and he’ll illustrate them. Although so far he’s ignored mine. The talented swine. The two pictures in this post are his The first is called ‘another awesome day’. The second is called ‘i’d slay a dragon for you’.

And that is that.

Meanwhile, I’m trying desperately not to get ahead of myself here, but Sally and I have become IM buddies.


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Anonymous said...

Hooray for weight loss!
Hooray for Heathcote and fast driving!
Hooray for dirty nipples!
Hooray for no cigarettes!

Hello Sally!

God, it's like, contagious or summink.

Glamourpuss said...

Blimey, sounds like you and Heathcote were in my neck of the woods - you should have said, I'd have given you a pole dancing lesson - that'll shift the pounds.

And thanks for the shout out.

As to the car, all I can say is, at least you didn't call it Heathcliff. That would be troubling.


Anonymous said...

Well done!! I'm almost ready to quit the cigs and getting more than a little nervous that I'll implode or kill someone that I actually quite like. Please tell me it's not going to be that bad!

La Bête said...

Penelope, it's not going to be that bad!

It's going to be worse.

Only kidding. So far for me, it's been much easier than I thought it would be. Start today! Good luck.

Pole-dancing lessons eh? Now there's a thought. Don't think I'm quite ready for that yet though. I can barely manage a press-up.

Now I am going outside again. Crikey, I'm turning into Ray Mears.

Sue said...

Who is Ray Mears?

Congrats on the achievements and the 0 kittens (that cracked me up). I love the way you write.

Unknown said...

It really has been beautiful hasn't it. Fingers crossed for a proper summer!

And no, the internet isn't all about you. It's about me. Er. Isn't it?

DJ Kirkby said...

I've done your meme! Going to check out the links in your post now...

Carolina said...

I sent a title to Exploding Dog. If the cheeky bastard illustrates it, I will owe you huge! Should I be jealous of this Sally ;-)

Anonymous said...

'Fraid I won't be checking out any of your links, as I hate all blogs except this one.

Of course the internet is all about you, silly.

Brian (formerly EasyEyes, until I realised it made me sound like a nob)