Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Portrait of the Landlord as a Crippled Artist

I am taking a very brief break from packing and cleaning and sweating like a ragged tot up a soot-chute to kindly ask any visitors here to also pop along here and offer some encouragement to my bestest subletting friend, Keith. I promised I’d do this on Friday, but I forgot.

Sorry, Keith.

Please don’t put my rent up.

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Unknown said...

I had money on Entre les Murs at 25/1.
Up yours world!
I knew that MA would come in handy eventually.

Catherine said...


Anonymous said...

I miss you - where are you?

curly said...

This is ridiculous. You have to look after us better than this. One wee post on a Monday quite frankly just doesn't cut it. WE WANT MORE. I'm now going to have to wait until Monday. Please be advised I'm going on Hols on Weds so would appreciate some effort on your part by then at the very latest. Pretty please. Busy doesn't cut it - you have people to please.

(best of luck for moving. have a grrrrreat time with Keith. screw the landlord or at least trash the place so you've earned the retention of your security deposit!)

Anonymous said...

No Friday feedback!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bete,

I've just been reading more of your blog archive.

When you get back from your sojourn (or flat move) I have today blogged about "Growing Up Ugly" (my experiences), and a few days ago about "David Darling" (a childhood crush that resulted in 3 years of bullying and persection for me).

Life's not a bed of roses being one of life's non beauty queens.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Te echo de menos!

La Bête said...

Sorry sorry sorry for the delay. It's nice to be missed though, I must admit.

Awww, you guys.