Friday, 28 November 2008

Feedback Friday :: Ichbaaaaaa

bulk :: 15st 9
gym visits :: 3

I am too fat to blog.


Also, I’m working too hard. For the government. I’m a government man.

Also, I’m trying to sort out things for the move well in advance and yet still I’m being provoked to impotent fury by the criminals that are Virgin Media. I’m not going to take this lying down, you fuckers.

Also, I am mourning the loss of my coat, which I left in a taxi on Wednesday night. £200, gone in the winking of an eye. Of course I’ve reported the coat as lost and they said they’re looking into it, but really, what are the chances? Bah. Serves me right for trying to impress Morag by splurging on a taxi.

Also, I’m going to Brighton for a few days and I need to prepare myself.

Also, my stomach is still hurting and I have a pain in my left testicle.

Also, everything is just too weird at the moment. Honestly. Life is too weird.

So tell me, what are you up to this weekend? I like it when you tell me. It makes me feel somehow connected to the rest of the world. Also, it’s like a snapshot of the whole cockeyed carnival that is life. I like it.

I’m going to Brighton and I’m going to meet some of Morag’s friends.

That'll be fun.

Or hideous.

I'm nervous.


What about you? Anything nice?

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Kirses said...

watching New Zealand whip England's arse at Twickenham with my boyfriend...i'm just in it for the beer really...

Inwardly Confused said...

This weekend I shall be mostly entertaining my sister in law and her husband, they are great fun and have loads of photos to show us from their 8 week honeymoon, it sounds hideous but will be brill. I will also be drinikng lots of wine and eating like a greedy cow. Had a busy busy week and need to relax. Don't be nervous about Brighton it'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

I'm going quietly mad while staring out of the window watching the coming and goings of my neighbours. I'm thinking of going to the pub on my own and striking up conversations with strangers like middle-aged men do. Christ, I'm homesick.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping. Just got back from Oz today and I feel a little bit...tired.

Catofstripes said...

>> Honestly. Life is too weird.

You channelling me? My weekend is going to be so far out I couldn't possibly explain, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it.

Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Kirses, I'd say your boyfriend deserves a beer after what the Kiwis will be putting him through. And shame on you for just sitting back and watching it happen!

Our Glamorous Heroine said...

This weekend I'm having a birthday. A few weeks ago I drunkenly decided that what I'd really like to do for my birthday would be to cook a meal for my nearest and dearest. I like cooking, I find it relaxing and like to think I'm quite good at it only, as usual, there were various factors I didn't really think through.

For example Bloke is a vegetarian, Wife won't eat a meal entirely made of vegetables, Mother has developed various food allergies to annoying things like wheat, and Brother 1 won't eat any food that has a sauce on it or is touching anything else on the plate. Unfortunately by the time I'd realised the depth of my predicament I'd already invited and received enthusiastic acceptances from everyone. And it's going to be the first time that Father meets Bloke.

I suppose at least there will be enough stress to distract me from the fact that I'm meandering into my mid-twenties having achieved absolutely nothing. Wish me luck and have a good one yourself.

Shimacat said...

This weekend, I will be celebrating the fact that I have two days off from the Government job that is making me lose my marbles. Tomorrow, I'm going to a ceilidh and on Sunday I'm going to another one in Princes Street Gardens. I like ceilidhs; a hefty dose of enthusiasm makes up for a general lack of skill and co-ordination. Actually, that's true for so many things, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

update: No, not sleeping tomorrow. Putting one our cats to sleep instead. Sorry, not nice. But what we are doing.

Anonymous said...

hope the 'friend meeting' goes well - i'm actively delaying that with a current gentleman friend. not ready... too scary!

hosting my trailer park family for a belated thanksgiving tomorrow, then going to an all night dance party to burn off my pent up familial aggression. sleeping late sunday, then attempting a run to keep fighting the endless fatness that sneaks up on me as i sleep. or eat. or something...

Misssy M said...

We're hoping to sledge down icy sandunes after getting the sledging bug last week when we had snow. We've still got frost, so off to the dunes we go.

We're so wholesome.

Have fun in Brighton- I'm sure M's friends will like you. You're a hopeless romantic- what's not to love?

Annie said...

"Splurging on a taxi".

I am in New Orleans splurging on crawfish.

Good luck with meeting the friends. I hate meeting friends, I always blow it by clamming up and being shy and No Fun At All.

Anonymous said...

umm, sqiffy and Wall.E tonight (ahhhh); food shopping and M&S tomorrow day (boo); Si & Ping chums tomorrow night (hurray - cycling there and back in the cold and dark, boo there but wobbly & giggly on the way back, note to self, remember to charge bike lights this weekend); nesting on Sunday with homemade lasagne and watching the X-Factor on video (my secret shame)

Luka said...


Please don't tell me it is possible to become too fat to blog.

This weekend I will be mostly drinking and eating. Or at least I was until I thought I might become too fat to blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm at work and expect to be here until the end of time, or at least until I pass out and slide under my desk. I will spend most of my time here correcting mis-entries in my accounting database and drinking loads of coffee. I will also occasionally post random comments on blogs I like to read. I may just go home and get tanked.

Some Chilean Woman said...

'Also, my stomach is still hurting and I have a pain in my left testicle'

Nurse wannabe here...get it checked!!! Testicular pain is never a good thing. I'm sure Morag would agree.

As for my weekend...erm, avoiding all the after Thanksgiving's Day sales -shoppers are bitches! Did you hear about the Walmart employee that got killed by the herd of shoppers? That's not going to be me.

old and angry said...

This weekend will be spent sweeping up the last of my next door neighbours leaves,seeing as how they are all down now.
Total so far swept up, 132 bags.
I expect another 20 bags or thereabouts.
Absolute Tedium.....wish i was going to Brighton!

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

think how many anticipatory moments you can have with a range from fun to hideous. I envy you.

my week-end consists of a first date (tonight) with a frenchman who speaks no english ... and a lunch on sunday with fellow blogger amy rigby and her musical partner/husband wreckless eric.

so ... not too bad then. (hey I just realized MY tonight could be anywhere from fun to hideous, too! yay for me!)

Anonymous said...

I'm having a professional photographer friend come around to do a sexy/and or nudey photo shoot, so that I can get the results printed and sent off express post to a certain someone in the USA. Can't hurt now, righ

God, it's really hard to try and squeeze as many different relationship milestones as possible into such a curtailed span.

Anonymous said...

I'm just home from a party. It is almost 5 a.m. Don't tell anyone but I shagged my boss..... shhhh..... hic



savannah said...

doing the same thing we've been doing since november 6, unpacking things and putting them away...i love our new house, but it's a hellva lot of work! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Old and Angry, I don't understand why your weekend had to include sweeping up leaves from next door.

Is it because:
a) the leaves fell on the path and might cause you to slip?
b) they've fallen in your garden, and you don't like the way it looks?
c) it's something to feel old and angry about, or,
d) your neighbour(s) is/are incapable of sweeping these days as their years are even more plentiful than yours, so you're being kind?

I've never understood this leaf-sweeping malarky; seems like a dreary way to spend a half-hour.

Anonymous said...

This weekend I got far too drunk and made a twat of myself.

Pretty good.

Anonymous said...

So, how did the friend-meeting go? I took the bloke to meet some of my oldest friends this weekend, which went very well. He's extremely likable, but he can be alarmingly honest and come out with things like, "Ah, Pearl said I'd recognise you by the horrible shirt," or "Pearl finds pain erotic, don't you, love?" while I simultaneously cringe and try to find something to hit him with. He was very good this weekend though. I got dragged into helping to cook Thanksgiving dinner as soon as I walked through the door, and he went off and made friends and behaved himself. And then we ate. A lot. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late here, but at the weekend I went to a hen do. Somehow the result of me spending some dedicated clothes-trying-on-and-considering time in the bedroom was that I decided a hoody and tracky bottoms from Primark would be appropriate attire. Maybe that's cos the c-t-o-a-c time was only 10 minutes. Maybe it's cos I'm fatter than I've ever been and nothing else fits me. Maybe cos I'm a bit clueless about clothes and frankly don't care very much. Whatever. Everyone else was all sparkly and clicky-heelsy and glam and I felt very out of place. Then we went to a posh city-centre-Manchester bar full of women looking like they were trying to pick up footballers and men sitting in booths ostentaiously flashing their buckets of champagne. I felt even more out of place. And I had a stinking cold. I wasn't exactly the life and soul of the party. But then I got a text saying my baby had run out of expressed breast milk so I made my excuses and left, missing out on expensive cocktails and a private karaoke booth at another club. It's a shame about the karaoke, but I couldn't afford to buy myself any drinks so I probably wouldn't have been much fun there, either. On Sunday me and my 6-yr-old put up the Christmas decorations. It was fun.

Catofstripes said...

hey Bete! you o.k?

La Bête said...

Thanks, everyone. I love your lives.

Don’t go mad, Keith. And don’t go middle-aged. Do some art, you bugger!

Hen, sorry about that. I hope it wasn’t too distressing.

Hope your date went well, Sparra.

Good vibes to you, Kitty.

Hey Nonny. No!

Pearl! You find pain erotic? And you doing what you do for a living. Is that even allowed?

flashing their buckets of champagne - Clare, is that a euphemism?

Stripy, yes, thank you. I’m fine. See latest post, that I’m about to write. x

Anonymous said...

Sadly no. It isn't. They were leaning back in their seats, dwarfed by buckets of ice (plus bottles) on the tables in front of them, looking all smug.