Thursday, 22 May 2008

Why, That's Delightful!

This - Why, That’s Delightful! - is my new favourite website. (Apologies if I’m thrusting a rather shiny glass cock under anyone’s nose with this.)

And it really is delightful! Especially delightful is this interview, which is delightful in a rather painful way, but delightful nonetheless (it gets painful around the 4-minute mark):

And this, which was just lying around in his comments and follows on from this, is simply gorgeous:

But then I am in a slightly silly mood.

Forgive me.

I wonder if I should ask Graham Linehan to do my survey. Hmmm… Why of course I should!

Joyeux Jeudi.

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emordino said...

Oh my worrrrrd, that is one bangin' choon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bete - I don't know about any of that jazz, but if I left a late comment under your Frank Bingo Wings post, and you didn't reply, does it mean that you didn't see it, or that you can't be arsed?

I can live with either answer (just), but it's the not knowing that's breaking my poor little heart.

Lauren said...

Bete, your Sunshine blog post inspired a blog post of my own. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Footman said...

"Nevellin Chambel"


goodbyetoallfat said...


If you like ramblings about "life, love, lost and unrequited loves" you might like my latest blog all about a hopeless teenage crush I had.

Best wishes,
from one of lifes Uglies

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy Thursday to you too...