Friday, 14 November 2008

Feedback Friday :: Glad To Be Glad

I don’t know if this is some kind of manic episode – I know I’ve teetered on the meniscus of manic in the past – but I just can’t help feeling incredibly glad at the moment. Change is a remarkable thing. And the future is bright.

With all of this in mind, this week’s feedback comes in the form of 15 Things I Am Glad About. Oh yes, I’m going to have you puking up your pelvis before this passes…

1) I’m glad that my reactions to the challenges of life are much more robust now than they were just a year ago.

2) I’m glad that because of my reactions to the challenges of life, there are finally opportunities on the horizon.

3) I’m glad I’ve got the day off.

4) I’m glad that Keith is doing something noble and selfless and good, whether he sees it that way or not.

5) I’m glad that I have a chance to undo some of the ungood that was done to my family.

6) I’m glad that more people are starting to send me photos of bad English. Very glad indeed. It’s a great feeling. I’m also particularly glad that compared to the poor old bugger to whom this chart belongs, I am in incredibly good health.

7) I’m glad I found out how easy it is to change one's life, whilst also discovering that it’s even easier to change back.

8) I’m glad I have friends.

9) I’m glad that a couple of nights ago I took MDMA and had a big soapy bath in the middle of the night, with apples and candles and good old me-time.

10) I’m glad I’ve found a nice house where I can live and grow. (Green fingers crossed.) I’m so looking forward to growing again.

11) I’m glad that the landlady of the new place said it was OK to have a kitten. Oh, yes, she did! A kitten! Actually, to hell with glad. I’m absolutely ecstatic about that.

12) I’m glad I’ll soon have something else to write about, because frankly, I’m beginning to tire of the sound of my own voice.

13) I’m glad that athlete’s foot is treatable.

14) I’m glad that I’m running out of things to be glad about because, frankly, if it was that easy, it wouldn’t really count for that much.

15) Oh, and finally, I have to say, I’m very glad that I’ll be popping down to Brighton this weekend. Say no more.

So what are you glad about? Come on, it’s a beautiful day. Share your gladness with me at once, you gorgeous thing!

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Miss Mohair said...

I'm glad you like kittens. And that you can have one in your new home. I am scared of virtually all of the animal kingdom. And the bird kingdom. Also fish.
I am glad I have a fab new record to listen to.
I am glad it is cooler today than it was yesterday.
I am glad I have some nice pear and chocolate tart in the fridge to have for a treat tomorrow.
I am glad I have nice shiny long hair.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour La Bête,
At the begining of this year, my wife told me she was leaving me. Not even for somebody else. We had been living together for the last 20 years.
Today, I am glad she set me free, because I've got in my arms the girl with the softest skin ever.
I'm actualy more than glad.I'm thrilled to bits.
And you are right, it's a beautiful day.
Uncle Did

Tank said...

I'm glad that it's the weekend and I have nothing I have to do.

I'm glad that I'm getting free booze off work in ten minutes.

I'm glad that the new guy in the office has written a song called "Muff" and isn't ashamed to share it.

I'm glad that you posted twice since I last checked!

somechileanwoman said...

I'm glad my gallbladder is being removed on Monday. I don't like the pain of gall stones.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

I'm glad that's finished. And that you didn't say glad-rags.

Misssy M said...

I'm glad my son is doing better at school.

Peach said...

I'm glad that even though I lost my job, got dumped by my boyfriend and had to move out of my beautiful house, lost another load of money trying to buy a flat, couldn't get another permanent job and am now living back with my parents temporarily, I am just about to have a beautiful, healthy boy on wednesday (all fingers crossed for that healthiness!) and that my true friends, including fab interwebbuddiees, have done nothing but support, encourage, tolerate and love me...

oh and for my huge wopping breasts that only nature can bestow as amazingly !

oh (pt2) and for finding this blog.

aw, puke away

Aiko said...

A lovely Friday post. I'm glad that my dear baby (she's actually 12 but I can't have kids so she's my surrogate baby) pussy cat is finally eating some food after many weeks of hardly eating a thing. She has kidney failure. :( I'll be bold and have another glad one if I may, it's rare for me: I'm glad I have a new district nurse, a hot young man visiting me 3 times a week certainly has cheered me up. Have fun in Brighton Mr. xx

Lily Lane said...

I'm glad to have woken up to find that my best friend is still alive, despite having just dreamed that she was dead!

And I'm glad to be going to my first barbecue of the barbecue-season today. (I'm in the southern hemisphere)

Miss Mohair said...

I am glad you didn't publish my comment. In all likelihood it was spam.

Alright Tit said...

I'm glad that my chemo is over. I'm glad that I chose to mark the occasion by getting a kitten, despite having maintained for 29 years that I'm 'not an animal person'. And I'm glad that I've just read about your cat-punning Beatles dream ('Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kitten', anyone?) because it makes me feel a little less daft that I've called my cat Sgt Pepper. (I'm less glad that her scratches make me look like a self-harmer.)

Angela-la-la said...

Brighton! Ooh! Is this to see who I think it's to see?

Me, I'm glad I'm meeting yet another bunch of strangers from the internet this weekend. And that no one will complain about my being a flower geek at a floristry trade event.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that i didn't eat anything bright red, or chunky, for the past week. the regurtitation inspired by your list ran deep...

and i'm glad that it's friday night, i'm in my jammies, and got nothing i HAVE to do at the moment.

La Bête said...

Whoa there, Miss Mohair. I've been busy. Busy slacking off.

This is - without doubt - the best set of comments I - or anyone else - have - or has - ever received. And it's all thanks to Pollyanna. And Jesus.

Uncle Did, your comment rather thrilled me. On some kind of primal level.

I love you all, and I'm glad you stopped by.

Zoe said...

I'm glad I left my miserable husband back in February and met someone nicer
I'm glad you can get a kitten
I'm hoping you'll have a nice time in Brighton

Nick Tann said...

I'm glad you started blogging again after the short break.
I'm glad my daughter is over for the weekend, I miss he like hell.
I'm glad about my gig last tuesday, they fucking loved me!
I'm glad I' met my wife. I'm glad about that every day as I spent 10 years on my own sad and lonely. Phew!

Cat said...

I'm glad that I have stopped throwing up today, after last night's horrors.

I'm glad the X Factor's on, and being ill, I could spend the whole day in my pyjamas, lying on the couch, without feeling guilty about not doing anything.

Fat Hobbit Girl said...

I'm glad I had a lovely long talk with my mum today. I'm glad that, now I've left home, our relationship just goes from strength to strength.

I'm glad I've recently acquired the confidence to wear a skirt that hits at knee length, or even slightly above.

I'm glad we're having a silly celebration of not-much-at-all tonight, with champagne and sparklers.

Carnalis said...

i'm glad .. so many things, but children/friends come highest on the list.

and i'm glad you are in Brighton this weekend.

Timorous Beastie said...

I'm glad you're glad.

Miss Mohair said...

I am glad I am not cranky and impatient.

Clare Sudders said...

I'm glad I've stopped crying and am feeling less depressed than I was yesterday.
I'm intrigued by your trip to Brighton. Also by the mentions of family stuff. I've never read your archives - will I find answers to the hints you frequently drop about family stuff there, or will it always be cryptic?
I'm glad the sun is shining and I have a beautiful son asleep in a cot just yards away, and another out playing in the sunshine with his friend.
I'm glad I'm about to go outside and walk the dogs.
I'm glad my boyfriend is out buying chocolate for me.

Ariel said...

I am glad I read such an uplifting post. Thanks for the many reminders about good things.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so glad that I tried to think of something that I'm glad about and came up with nothing.

I'm going to go with I'm glad that you're happier now.

Pearl said...

Huh. I wrote a long comment on Friday, when I was on the train in a grump, but it seems to have been swallowed up by the blogger goblins. Anyway, the general thrust of it was that I find your Pollyanna-ness very amusing, and it was a good prod to make me count my blessings. Although my grandmother used to say, 'Why aren't you more like Pollyanna?' when I was a depressed teenager, so I'm somewhat ambivilent about her. Pollyanna, that is, not my granny.

But anyway, I'm glad that I love my job, I'm glad that my boyfriend doesn't have cancer again after all, I'm glad that I've filled in my boring finance forms for the month. And I'm seriously glad that the boyfriend's parents liked me. Phew.

Catofstripes said...

Is it time to be glad your stalker has left town yet? It would be awfully wonderful if we could just speak freely.

tina said...

I'm *loving* your bad english blog!!! (and this blog, too)