Saturday, 4 April 2009

All Bets Are Off

Sarah J Peach sent me a message this morning, telling me that a horse called Stan was racing in today’s Grand National. As it happens, I’m not one of life’s gamblers. I’ve never bet on a horse in my life. But then there’s never been a horse called Stan in the Grand National before – as far as I've been aware. And surely, Sarah J Peach wouldn't suggest just any old donkey. To hell with it. This is what life is all about! I decided there and then to stake fifty English pounds on Stan to win!

Then I did some stuff, including some scanning – gurd your loins for Stan’s Scans, coming very soon – and I went to the gym just in time for the race, got on a cross trainer in front of a big telly and plugged in my headphones.

Stan fell at the twelfth.

Thankfully, I’d completely forgotten about the whole thing, from the moment I decided to bet £50 to the moment I got on the cross trainer. I was so pleased.

Thanks for the hot tip, Sarah! And thank heavens for my paltry attention span. Now I’m going out to spend £50 on booze.

Have a smashing weekend, each and every one of you. I love you. Adieu!

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Peach said...

heh heh - I won £12! Not on Stan though, the poor little mare... So glad to hear you completely ignored me :-)


nameless said...

Skippy, eh? I'd say 40% more kangaroo.

Anonymous said...

Nice chunks. My loins are on gurd alert for more scary scans.

I'm actually running for my local branch of the Samaritans (each branch is a 'stand alone' charity in its own right). I'm rather touched that a virtual stranger would consider sponsoring me. I don't have a 'justgiving' type page - I'm raising funds the old fashioned way (cheques in the post). So if you're serious, I'll email my address to you.

You're too kind.
Ain't blogland just a fab land?


La Bête said...

Wellington, you must get with it and get yourself a JustGiving page. It'll potentially triple the funds you will raise. It looks pretty easy to set up too. Go on, man. Think of the puppies!