Friday, 17 April 2009

Feedback Friday :: Bouncing Back

bulk :: 14st 12
gym sessions :: 3
therapy sessions :: 1
lows :: 1
highs :: 1
steaks :: 1 pending

On Wednesday afternoon I spent 70 minutes flogging myself tender in the gym. All cardio. The sweat was jumping off of me like cartoon fleas and by the time I got home, I was back to my old chipper self. I was feeling positive and light-hearted. I was talking to myself in silly voices. The violent misanthropy of the first half of the week was gone. So - therefore - I am forced to conclude that physical exercise is very good for mental health. I know, I know, I’m a visionary. I’m setting the world on fire with these outlandish new ways of thinking.

So. I’m going away towards the end of May for a couple of weeks. I got an invitation to go see someone I don’t know in a country I’ve not been to, so I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and do it. I've booked a ticket. Two-week round trip. I plan to do a little travelling around while I’m there and I want to get as fit as I possibly can before going. Hence the recent frenetic gym activity, and self-starving.

Connected to that, I saw Rocknrolla the other night. Although it’s a distinctly average and occasionally rather laughable film, it does feature a captivating performance by Toby Kebbel. If I’m perfectly honest, I think I’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Toby Kebbel. Not only do I find him extremely charismatic, but also, just look at what he was able to do with his body…

I should say, my man-crush doesn’t extend to me wanting to lick his body, merely wanting to replicate it. In some interview I can’t find at the moment, he spoke of his regime, which consisted of a seven-day fast followed by nine weeks of one meal a day. This presumably in tandem with a beastly punishing gym programme. I wouldn’t necessarily want to be that thin, but to have a musculature that well-defined, to feel that fine-tuned must be amazing. And I’ll regret it profoundly if I get to the end of my life and I never found the time or the discipline to properly honour the gift of having an able body. I owe it to myself. So I’m working hard. And eating well. And feeling better already.

So this morning I had my first session on the couch. And it was good. I like the guy, which I guess is important. And we agree that it’s his role to lead, and to provoke. I need to be provoked. I look forward to it.

In other news, cancer continues to ravage and ruin all things bright and beautiful, making life, on occasion, feel overwhelmingly hopeless and depressing and cruel. It’s like, what can you do? Well, first and foremost, if you’re lucky enough to be healthy, you can live to the best of your abilities. Amen. Secondly, if you’re within running distance of Glasgow, you can go to the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall tomorrow night. There will be music and comedy and cakes and prizes and popcorn and a woman playing a ukulele. All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Care. (Someone asked me to mention this, I think imagining my influence to be rather greater than it actually is. Happy to help. Or not, as the case may be.)

Now, I’m going to cook a six ounce steak and a kilo of spinach. This weekend I shall be mostly punishing myself physically and writing some things.

And you? What are you up to?

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Clare Sudders said...

Faffing. I shall spend the weekend faffing. Half the family have absconded for a few days, so it is just me and a baby, and I'm going to try and Get Stuff Done. Answering emails, sorting out website, that kind of thing. And playing with my beautiful baby. I like just sitting there and watching him while he roams around the room, bashing stuff, tasting stuff, climbing on stuff, hugging cushions, occasionally coming back to bite my knees. I could watch him for hours. I probably will.

La Bête said...

Excellent. Good for you. Have fun!

Le Nord said...

Working all weekend sadly and trying to study French.

Will you go to the class for me? There will be a shiny penny in it for you!?

La Bête said...

I'm afraid not, Le Nord. It's something you must do. I think we both know this. Bonne chance.

confused said...

im going on a road trip! well actually the truth is im driving my mate half way up the country with her 3 year old step son to pick up her 6 year old son. am highly excited as he is staying with her parents who live on a cannal boat! so ill be getting to drive it up the river and going through locks and stuff!

La Bête said...

Cool, man. Have a wicked time.

Catofstripes said...

Making the trip to France for the summer, a complication of kittens, missed loved ones and a garden that will have escaped all bounds of propriety and become unmanageable.

So packing, puking and procrastinating in approximately that order.

Anonymous said...

glad that the gym time helped - and realize that would be part of my mopey-assed problem. with knee surgery 3 weeks ago, i've been just doing easy shit. i need a good body pounding. a workout would be nice, too...

no big plans for the weekend. boytoy is back in ireland til sunday, so i'll be putzing around the house mostly. sometimes it's a good thing to be lazy... and putz... (as a verb. not, as in "be a putz"...)

Anonymous said...

blimey, steak *and* spinach. you're meant to pump iron, bete, not consume vast quantities of it!

this weekend, i'm preparing for my first french lesson in… 15 years *gulp* and tidying the flat. i might get some sun if it dares show its face…


Anonymous said...

Bonjour La Bête,
As the weather is planned to be nice, I'll take my bike and cycle to the sea. It's still too cold to swim, but it's always pleasant at this time of the year, before the summer invasion.
Is learning french some new fashion among your readers ?
Uncle Did