Friday, 17 July 2009

Feedback Friday :: Busy Doing Nothing

Life is odd about now. It has no form. Here then, is a list…

- I set up a Flickr account, where I put pictures of thistles and suchlike. Like this one...

I wish the rain would stop so I could go out and find more things to photograph, but according to the forecasts, the rain will remain for at least the next four days, relentless and heavy and dark. At the moment it's horizontal.

- I have been fantasising and even dreaming about being kissed and having my face stroked. I have also been dreaming about kittens. This is a sure sign that if I do not find some physical affection very soon, then rather like that python that ate that alligator, I will explode. Poor thing. He was just after a little intimacy.

- I have been thinking about trying to blog about something ‘interesting’ more regularly. Despite the fact that no one read the piece about ugly manwash the other day (perhaps not helped by the fact that I auto-spammed my feed traffic by putting the e-word in the title), I enjoyed writing it. So I’ve decided I should do more things like that. In fact, what I should do is write myself a weekly column – see if I can do that. See if I have the right to slag off Barbara Ellen and Giles Hattersley quite so priggishly. I'll try for Wednesdays.

- I’ve been doing a fair bit of plinth-watching. I had my doubts at first but then I came to realise, it’s magnificent. The whole idea is just tremendous and I’m very excited about what might come next. My favourite participant so far was this guy, Velorose.

About eighteen minutes in he goes into The Age of Aquarius. It’s wonderful. People are ceaselessly fascinating. Even the painfully dull ones. (This man was so dull, he seems to have put his own stream to sleep.)

- Seeking cheap thrills, I bought some racy novels from second-hand book shops. Not racy, no. Thrillers. I’m trying to learn how to do that. I’d like to do that. I’m going to read some Jeffrey Archer too. You see if I don’t. At the moment I'm reading Christopher Brookmyre for the first time. He is very good.

- I’ve become obsessed by my stomach and the effect of cycling and 100 jack-knife sit-ups every day. (Wii Fit calls them jack-knifes. I don’t know if they’re right to do so.) Anyway, it’s working. My stomach is disappearing.

- My stomach pain, however, is not disappearing, but I have an appointment at the hospital next Friday. Unfortunately I’m not sure whether my appointment is for purposes of haematology, biochemistry or colorectal surgery. I have pieces of paper with all of these words written on them. I guess I’ll found out when I get there.

- I have just sold 109 CDs for £74.18, equalling an average of 68p per disc. That’s not very much, especially compared to what I paid for them. The good thing though, is that now they are gone, their goodness transferred to my increasingly irreplaceable and still not backed-up computer. Does anyone know anything about remote back-up? Who is good? Anyone?

- I’ve watched a bunch of films recently, and updated my film depository.

- I have no money.

- This week I went to London and spotted three whole celebs in one single day. I spotted Zandra Rhodes, Andy Hamilton and Denis Lawson. Just wandering about the place, they were, like ordinary people. Oh, and I also did a live interview for Canada AM, with a bag on my head. It all looked a bit Abu Ghraib at times...

The bag in question is a Primark bag, steamed apart over a hot kettle at three in the morning, stuck together backwards to avoid the branding, and with stoned eye-holes cut badly and into the wrong place. Has this whole thing got ridiculous enough yet? Or is there still a little wiggle room?

Now I’m going to brave the rain and go see Bruno. Is it awful?

Have a super weekend, you, whoever you are, whatever you're doing, and please, please do lots of things I wouldn’t do.


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Beleaguered Squirrel said...

That cycling certainly is working... although you appear to be wearing several jackets for some reason?

And does this mean there are technical staff in London who saw you before you donned the bag... or did you have to put it on in the street outside? Although come to think of it there must have been technical staff at that radio interview you did which wasn't from home - unless you wore a bag then too? Maybe NotW will hunt them down for their story!

lilianavonk said...

Could your stomach pain possibly be related to said jackknifing activity? Your innards may not be too keen on that, though you've got more than enough reason for other causation, I spose.

(All pointed commentary about the average British diet will be kept to myself...almost.}

And of course said celebs were out and out like regular folk--the only difference between famosos and us little people is that they have more money and less privacy, after all. (Aw, I thought Denis Lawson was great in Bleak House, and given how that was what made me love Burn Gorman forever, it takes a LOT to get me to rhapsodise about anyone else.)

I'm off to find a kitten with which to stroke your face. I'd volunteer one of my own kitties, but they weigh 8 and 10 lbs. apiece, and having just woken up with a face full of cat hair, I think you'd probably want to give that a miss. :)

Anonymous said...


*scrabbles for jaw*

That interviewer was totally coming onto you.

gongman said...

Hey,thanks for the link to the plinthystuff.When I heard about this I thought WOW the perfect place to play the gongs.On closer inspection it seems I would have to be living or "staying" in the UK.Do you have a settee?

Would love to try and beat my own sonic distance record which at the moment stands at 5km.Mind you that was in a deserted valley in the Alsace.What with the traffic noise and all in Londres I would be fighting a losing battle.People have lost touch with silence and stillness.

Will watch with interest though.The mathematical probability of something extraordinary happening must,surely,be pretty high.As high at least as the plinth.And some of the people on it :)

CarolH said...

Haven't you got small hands.

Alison Eales said...

You have a beautiful right eye.

Lilith said...

Thanks for sharing the interview with us.
You sound so relaxed that it seems like you have been doing this all your life.

By the way, you looked very elegant.
Even with the bag on your head! (I have seen some clothes by designers like Agatha Ruiz de La Prada which are far less flatering to wear, trust me!).

Have a nice weekend!

Un beso.

Lilith @ Canary Isles.

Zoe said...

Which Brookmyre are you reading? They are all great (apart from the rubber ducks one) but it if you aren't reading 'All fun and games until somebody loses and eye' you've got to get that one. It had me chuckling all the way on my flight to Belize

La Bête said...

BS, I worry about you. I think your brain may be wearing several jackets.

Vonk, I don’t think so. I’ve only been jack-knifing for about a month, whereas I’ve had the pain for a year now.

NK, don’t be silly.

Gongman, it goes on till October. I really reckon, sooner or later, something extraordinary is a definite.

CarolH, you know what they say. (Something about penises.)

Alison Eales, you know what they say. (Something about hands.)

Lilith, thank you. Un beso also for you.

Zoe, I am reading All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye, and really really enjoying it.

Steve Hemingway said...

Re remote backup: take a look at Jungle Disk. It can be set up as a network drive or as a cloud backup service. It works on Windows and on Linux, which is pretty cool.

It uses Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. I do not really know what these are except that they seem to be commoditised cloud storage. The cost is very reasonable.

I think the cloud backup is more reliable than the network drive mode, at least on linux.

Evil said...

i think the interviewer was a little dense if she thought you wore that bag all the time, or was that her attempt at being funny? anyhoo, have you lost weight or what! 4 stone! lookin' good, bete! :o)

Canuckian's Evil Twin said...

oops, "Evil" is me, CET, by the way.

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La Bête said...

Leaving spam on blogs is a really fucking idiotic way of publicising your show. Now I am going to seek you out and cut you down to size with finger machetes. You stupid, stupid people.

Anonymous said...

New fanadian here :)

Vulgar Wizard said...

I added you as a Flickr contact today . . . I commented on the Thistle shot.