Sunday, 31 January 2010

Ephemeral Monkey #1 :: Chat Shows Question

I was just curious and I'm trying to source the Twitter crowd but my charisma is wearing a testicle suit. And it might not be the best time.

I was just wondering, what would you say is your all-time favourite chat show moment of all time? If you had to give one example of why all chat shows should not be consigned to the bowels of hell nowforth and forevermore, one moment that renders their existence worthwhile if not essential to the health of mankind, what would it be?

This blog post will self-destruct in less than 24 hours by the way. And if you read this sentence here, all memory of this blog post will evaporate from your mind the moment the post itself is deleted.

You're back in the room.

I'm a bit wrecked. I spent the weekend with my gran and then brought her back down to London today. It was fun. She's funny. She hasn't been to London much. Her foot is good and she was hopping up steps on the tube like a winter chicken. Complaining all the way of course, but she couldn't hide the excitement. It was fucking great actually.

Anyway, answer my question if you would.

I miss you.

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Angela-la-la said...

Ollie Reed, pissed as a rat.

Or Emu, eating Parky.

I'm old school, me :)

(@pinkytheflorist, btw)

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

I can only think of Emu attacking Parkinson, which is probably a massive cliche. I did think it was funny but the only reason I remember it is cos it's forever being repeated.

Tbh I'm not the kind of person who watches chat shows religiously and then files their doings away ready for someone to ask me "What was your favourite moment?". They are ephemeral bits of fluff that flit in through my eyes and right back out again through the back of my head, where there is a massive leak under which an old ice cream tub is forever being kicked away.

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

I was going to mention Ollie Reed as well, but that too is endlessly repeated. Will be interesting to see how many people mention those two. It's like memories that aren't memories so much as several-times-rehearsed memories of memories. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me the Emu thing never actually happened. A bit like Captain Pugwash and Seaman Stains.

Anonymous said...

Worst interview ever was Frank Skinner's cringeworthy interview with Gene Wilder, Wilder was completely bewildered by the whole thing and Skinner was coming out with ever more dodgy jokes. No-one seems to remember it though.


Andy said...

Dame Edna telling Nicole Kidman to stop touching herself inappropriately:

Parky and Emu and Ollie Reed on "After Dark" were classics too.

Winston Ono said...

Cher calling David Letterman an A$$hole.

Ross said...

Grace jones battering me Harty.

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe not.

Anonymous said...

serge gainsbourg ( I think ) drunkenly propositioning Whitney Houston on some French chat show.

Andrew said...

The BeeGees storming off Clive Anderson's show after one too many "wise-cracks".
That, and a vague memory off Rob Brydon annoying the shit out of Bob Crowe (the shrill trade union guy, I think that's his name)by purposely telling the crappest train related anecdote ever on some crap show hosted by Johnny Vaughan that lasted about a fortnight.

Oh, and there was this moment on The Late, Late Show (Ireland's equivalent of Parkinson)years back where the host started berating this woman on the other end of a phoneline for not sounding excited enough about the competition she had just won. It transpired that her daughter had been killed in an accident the night before.

You wanted 'most memorable' not 'funniest', right?

Larry Teabag said...

How about Cleese and Palin discussing the Life of Brian with Malcom Muggeridge and some old bishop? Or maybe that's more debate than chat.

Otherwise it'd probably be Bill Grundy's disastrous interview with the Sex Pistols.

But yeah, chat shows basically suck dog cock.

clumpf said...

I was going to say Emu aswell - I'm such a dullard.

Also the Sex Pistols giving Ed Grundy a hard time - incredibly cringeworthy (especially if watched with your parents on a fake green pleather sofa in a brick box on a new housing estate in Croydon).

Love to your fabulous gran - take her for a good ol' english fry up in some greasy spoon.


I'm not big of brain Bete, and I'll admit I prefer your posts like this, I can relate to them - right?

Carnalis said...

the baby elephant that crapped on the floor of the Blue Peter Studio .. i assume he was accompanying someone who was 'chatting' so it just about qualifies.

I dislike chat shows.

Anonymous said...

John Noakes crying when talking about the death of Shep (get down boy!)

CarolH said...

I was also gonna mention the Grace Jones incident!

Wasn't there a really embarrassing interview with Frank Skinner and Matthew Kelly??

janetyjanet said...

Nope sorry - chat shows are like the squishy processed sliced white loaf of the TV world - overprocessed & ultimately unhealthy and unsatisfying - so I heartily look forward to them being consigned to the bowels of hell, never to return, hurrah.

ps. hello Stan Gran!

Anonymous said...

When David Letterman chased Richard Simmons (who was dressed up like a chicken I think)round the studio with a fire extinguisher. Simmons was so fucked off he swore he'd never, ever return. This was years ago, can't find a video of it anywhere so if anyone could oblige ...?

La Bête said...

Oh, bless you all for answering. I can't possibly delete this post now. It's become - thanks to your contribution - a thing of timeless beauty. It stays. I thank you.

clumpf said...

I got that wonderfully wrong - wasn't Ed Grundy in the Archers?


Justin Observer said...

George Best on Wogan

George - "Look Terry, I like screwing, alright?"

Terry - "Right - so what do you do with your time these days?"

George - "Screw!"

Now, that was marvellous.