Friday, 3 April 2009

Feedback Friday :: Zest

bulk :: 15st 0
walnuts :: 0.5kg
chocolate bars :: 0.5kg

On Wednesday afternoon I went to the gym. It was a beautiful day. On the way home from the gym – on a whim – I popped into a health food store and purchased one jar of Malt Extract, one jar of 240 Cod Liver Oil Capsules, a large tub of 90% Soya Protein Powder, a packet of Dried Apricots, a packet of Chopped Dates and a sack of Walnut Halves.

Then, moments later, on an entirely separate, slightly chubbier whim, I popped into a non-health food store. In Lidl I purchased one large jar of Rollmop Herrings, one packet of Tuscan Style Norwegian Salmon With Tarragon and Horseradish Sauce, one packet of Smoked and Peppered Mackerel Fillets, one Iceberg Lettuce, one bunch of Asparagus, one packet of Cherry Tomatoes, one packet of Gorgonzola (Piccante), one large wedge of Parmesan, six Medium Eggs (Free Range Organic) and a packet of Wholemeal Rye Crispbread. Oh, and a jar of Mayonnaise (Light).

I have one of the healthiest larders in London. Mayonnaise and cheese permitting. I’ve also been going to the gym fairly regularly. What I need to start doing now is a bit of swimming. And so I shall. The Spring is invigorating. I hear foxes squeaking as I type. I feel zesty.

As for everything else, I have nothing to report. I have been working, which is a fairly dull topic of conversation at the best of times. I’ve been doing rewrites, and they’re pretty much done.

So that’s good.

Oh, and the other day I bought a scanner, which for some reason I keep referring to as a fax. One day soon I will connect it up and scan something.

In the meantime, have a smashing weekend. I’m doing bugger all. What are you up to?

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Anonymous said...

15 stone? fabulous! zest = magically melting pounds! i've hit a bit of a plateau in my weight loss. 20 lbs since christmas - which is 1 stone and something.... hoping that the turn in the weather and return of my knee-function will get me back on track...

i'm doing zero work this weekend, sleeping as much as a human can sleep, and playing as much as my evenings will allow. nothing fancy. just life...

always read, sometimes comment said...

Happy to hear you zesty, bete. I am swimming 2km at the moment. It's good for the soul, it is. :)
Nothing planned for the weekend, except perhaps a trip to the park and swimming.

PurestGreen said...

I like it when you feel zesty. It makes me wiggle in good ways.

emordino said...

"Horseradish" is an outrageously misleading name. I avoided it for years, only to find out that it contains neither horse nor radish and is in fact gorgeous. I move that it be renamed "Oh My God You Guys Check Out This Delicious Dressing".

Unknown said...

I'm celebrating the reassuring results of my ultrasound!

LaLa said...

Hmpf.. was feeling all high and mighty because I did 2 gym sessions last night.. spin and cardio box but just ate 2 Chocolate digestives and a bowl of ice cream with chocolate topping. I've sabotaged myself!

Your post has inspired me though, even if we are about to go into Winter here...

Innocent Loverboy said...

Working. >_>

Unknown said...

"What are you up to?"

Bugger all.

s'hen said...

I am glad you are feeling ... zesty.


zesty stan.


This weekend I am going to practice making settlers.

Unknown said...

"I am swimming 2km at the moment."

Wow. I knew I was behind the times where modern technology was concerned, but this is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling Zesty, Betsy. That is good news.

By the way, whatever happened to your plans to run the London marathon?

I'm asking this question as I'm genuinely interested in you and your health. In no way is it a clunky device for me to make a subtle reference to my own marathon. No sirree. That's not my intention.

But, since you ask, I will be running the London marathon on the 26th of this month.

If you like, I'll run it on your behalf. You can stay at home, eating your rollmop herrings, while I run around London getting all hot & sweaty for you. I'll be your fag, as it were.

So, this weekend, I'll be running. 22 miles tomorrow. 5 miles on Sunday. I'll also be eating a lot of food (but no rollmops).


La Bête said...

I do like the idea of people wiggling for my zest.

Wellington, give me your sponsorship details and I'll whore you out one day. Oh, go on then, you old bugger, I'll even sponsor you myself. (It better be a decent charity though. Not a weird one.)

kitty said...

My weekend will definitely involve swimming. Except mine will be in warm tropical waters and I'll have to pause to bat off the bitey territorial fish, who don't believe I should be allowed to swim in their coral real estate vicinity. Oh, there's work involved there too, but one of the advantages of living on a tropical isle is that beach time can always be fitted in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Béte.

I'm raising funds for the CMRC. Canine Migraine Research Clinic.

It's a research and development charity based in West Virginia.

For the past 15 years, they've been working to create a specific headache remedy for dogs.

The charity relies solely on public donations.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

"I am swimming 2km at the moment."

Flippin' 'eck, I knew I was technologically dim but I really didn't know this was possible!

AndrewM said...

Canine Migraine Research Clinic.

You're three days late, mate.