Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bookscan :: The Devil Has All The Best Books

Some very good guesses to yesterday's Bookscan, the closest being AnnAnon's Here We Go: Health Action Series by Charlotte Wilcox and Edith McCall, 1955. Close, but no apricot, I'm afraid.

The answer was of course Basic First Aid by The St John Ambulance Association, 1966.

And this is how it looks today. That's progress for you.

Today's Bookscan is a little on the dark side. Four images to chill your very soul, but what's the name of the book?

This last image is also ripe for captioning. Perhaps something about that candlestick Uncle Wilbur brought back from Haiti proving a real ice breaker at Granny's wake. Perhaps not.

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Anonymous said...

Demons, Ghouls and Wraiths: An historical catalogue in eight volumes by R.P. Sharples. Photography by Edith Baxter. Stylist Mrs. Pimphand Strong.

The year of the first edition escapes me.

Panda said...

I sense you're in a fiendishly good mood, Bete. Bursting creatively if you will.

But I have to confess that I can't unravel the Faustian photos...?!! x

Wisewebwoman said...

Now I'm pissed off for joshing you on my response yesterday, I had bloodyhell thought "St. John's Ambulance" I really did.
Now this is something to do with the devil, Dr. Faustus, Dante maybe?

Anonymous said...

"Bedtime Stories for Bad Children", Harper Collins, 1968.

The caption? "Stan was sick of playing nice at speed dating - and decided to give the girls something to really talk about with their girlfriends..."

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks. A blog mention instead of an apricot.

*Blushes sweetly*

I reck that this one is,'Gothic: Four Hundred Years of Excess, Horror, Evil and Ruin by Richard Davenport-Hines'.

Waits with baited breath...