Monday, 1 September 2008

Good News Sandwich

There is only one thing in the world more casually pleasing than a slightly amusing headline on a newspaper sandwich board, and that is two slightly amusing headlines on a newspaper sandwich board.

In Brighton on Saturday afternoon, I was tickled by this:

Then I noticed the headline on the other side and I was tickled afresh:

Compare that second headline to this one in London...

Aaaah, sleepy old Brighton.

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Alison Eales said...

I love comedy newsstands. A few years ago, a friend reported to me that he'd seen one reading 'KRANKIE IN BEANSTALK PLUNGE HORROR'.

I also liked 'WORLD READY TO ROCK' on the day of Live8.

Cat said...

Be fair, women don't have testicles.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could prove it with a link to the news article, but the best headline I ever saw was at a newsagent in Muswell Hill on November 1st, which read:'Boy, 12, survives pumpkin attack'. I have a photo somewhere, tucked away, but no scanner, unfortunately. Still, classic.


Fermina said...

There is nothing funny about Poohaven.

DJ Kirkby said...

Mmmmmmm, must buy some of that water! Nice to see you are back blogging. xo

True Lateral said...

Some aquaintances were in their local paper a few years ago. Their Med Cruise was cancelled over some fisheries fisticuffs. The headline announced they were "Tuna victims".

Nice to see you back, also.

Selena said...

Poo blockage is always a vary bad thing.

These signs are great...i must take the fact that we don't have any in my city up with our Mayor.

Mrs. Hall said...

Yay! You are back!

Keep us updated on the gym.


Mrs. Hall

PS. I wonder what the man did to piss of the dog.