Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Happy Birthday Aiko!

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day. Many deliriously happy returns to you. You deserve them.

Here are some sunflowers for you. I hope you like sunflowers and are not allergic or anything.

(Aiko comments occasionally on this here blog and seems rather lovely. If you’d like to join me in wishing her a happy birthday - if she is a her, that is; him if she isn't - then please do so in the comments... And have a nice day yourself, even if it isn’t your birthday.)

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caroline said...

Happy Birthday, Aiko!I'm guessing most people who comment here are rather lovely.Or at least recognise a good blog when they see one.

eileen said...

Happy Birthday!

Tim Footman said...

Anniversarial felicitations, Aiko. You seem to have brought a smile to BdJ's face, which is impressive.

catherine said...

A very lovely birthday to Aiko, my fellow Virgo. You have very good taste in blogs. My best wishes to you!

Angela-la-la said...

I didn't get a whole post devoted to my birthday so sod off. So there.


(But have a good day anyway, Aiko. It's not your fault you're special)

Mrs. Hall said...

So kind to your commenters!

Loooooved the post on the piles btw.

Happy Birthday Aiko!


Mrs. Hall

Zoe said...

Happy birthday :0)

martin said...

Even with bleeding piles you remember peoples birthdays.....What a guy. Happy Birthday Aiko!.

Cat said...

HB Aiki, hope it's special for you today and most days really.

I'm just going to hijack your thread to say I would have commented on the Bete's piles yesterday but was unaccountably off the internet. But that's all fixed now. I'm sure that's huge relief for everyone, I know it is for me.

Bete, attention to diet is everything.

Cat said...

o poo, and then I spelled your name wrong. Sorry Aiko.

Michael said...

Happy birthday Aiko!

Aiko said...

Oh my goodness gracious me!!!
I'm blushing, terribly! There was me, just posting on a forum saying it's crappy waking up alone on ones birthday and I look here and have a whole blooming marvellous blogger telling the world it's my birthday AND saying lovely things.

A MASSIVE thank you to you all, especially dear Bete, you make my days have smiles in them. I am long term very ill from several different things and reading blogs is one of the few things I can do and this one has really cheered me up since finding it. Do hope I don't sound like a brown nose, just want to say how chuffing it is to see that post and your felicitations!

I will have a happy birthday now! Wishing you all a lovely day. xxxxx

PS. Apologies for any spelling mistakes or too many !, I'm feeling rather jolly all of a sudden :)

Aiko said...

Oh, and sunflowers are fab. Infact I have a sad tale about them. We did them at school when I was about 7, everyone but me managed to grow one from seed. Not only did I fail in that task, I spent many a night in my sleep saying "grow sunflower, grow" How cute.

La Bête said...

Oh, I'm so pleased you're pleased. Have a wonderful day. I hope someone brings you some lovely things. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Aiko

I am a little late in my comment but here it is:
Bon anniversaire Aiko !

Uncle did

Selena said...

"¡feliz cumpleaños!
Mucha alegría y el amor a ti,"
says- the worst mexican ever; in the few spanish words that I know.

I will break my 'tequila shots only once a year rule for you', and cheers to your health when I get home.

Coffee Boy said...

Happy birthday to you,
I went to the zoo,
I saw a fat monkey,
And I thought it was you.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday :) xx

Fermina said...

Many many many many many happy returns to you!