Monday, 26 January 2009

Random Memorandum :: Unintelligible Sailing

I’m not complaining. Life is good and there is more now than there ever has been for which to feel thankful. And I am thankful. But people are complex, often inexplicable creatures. And it isn’t easy being one.

That’s all I’m saying.

Right. Feedback.

bulk :: 15st 7
booze :: some
films :: 2
jazz cigarettes :: some
days till next fresh start :: 7
days till book deadline :: 34
panic threat level :: low
unpleasant change threat level :: moderate

In other news…

…the kitten is on hold but there is a new basil plant in the kitchen. Sadly, he is already on the wane. Is it actually possible to keep a basil plant alive? Is it? Because I don’t know how.

…I was pestered on Twitter by a chap who’s just started a blog about his failed attempts at becoming a chef. ‘I shook the TV chef’s hand and began blurting out a load of nonsense. He took a step back, staring into the eyes of a madman. “I’ve always been into cooking, and well…I love cooking fish…in fact, it’s my favourite…and I just wanted to pick your brains about being…well, about being a chef.”….’ This is from the first post when he blags a week at Rick Stein’s kitchen as a lowly galley slave. It's called Chef Sandwich and it looks like it might be fun.

…Burns Night celebrations went slightly awry as changes of plans meant I ended up spending it alone at the cinema. But at least I got to feel increasingly depressed watching a film about terrorism.

And that’s probably enough feedback for now I think. Please excuse the slackness of this blog of late. I swear I’m not neglecting it. In fact, I’ve got something very exciting planned for Valentine’s Day. I hope you’ll be proud of me.

Hope all is good with all of you. Is it? Tell me everything.

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Some Chilean Woman said...

Basil, basil -it likes sun and warmth (yay for windowsills!), and watering once maybe twice a week. I've only grown it once but I started with seeds...then I got hungry for some bruschetta and have not grown any since -I just steal it from my mom's garden shhhhh.

Looking forward to your Valentine's Day post!


Monster said...

hmm. I've heard rumours that the evil supermarkets put something in the basil pots that means they die after a few days. It means you have to buy more basil from the shop, instead of growing your own. Allegedly.

Great blog by the way. Lurker here.

Fenz said...

Basil plants love tomato plants. I have 3 basil plants that are a foot and a half tall, though my tomato plants are finished and i pulled them up yesterday. They love lots of sun and a bit of water.

iLL Man said...

Grow it from seed. As Some Chilean Woman said, keep it in sunlight and don't water too much.

Also, if you grow it from seed, just put about half a dozen in the pot, give the stuff room to breath.

Anonymous said...

Basil? Rathbone or Williams?

pity you keep killing them off...

Lennie Nash said...

The best way to keep basil alive is to buy a plant from a garden centre or nursery, not a supermarket. Did you buy it from a supermarket?

Supermarket herb pots, in my experience, last as long as Jamie Oliver would in a Cuban prison. Keep the plant near a window, and don't over water it. But they are difficult to keep, and it's not surprising with the relentlessly depressing weather we have in the UK.

What do you have planned for VD?

Andy said...

My secret for growing basil is to move from London to Southern California. It certainly worked for me - we grew loads of basil right outside our back door and never wanted for pesto.

It might be a tad impractical for you, however.

Vicky said...

I second what Lennie Nash said above.

The ones you get from supermarkets always die - I remember hearing a telly chef explaining why once, but I can't remember what the explanation was - something to do with the roots not being established, I think.

Anyway, I went and got some plants from a garden centre and found that they lasted much, much longer, as long as I didn't overwater them.

I'm really glad that everything's going so well for you, by the way. As someone who began reading your blog from the 3rd or 4th post, I'm amazed at how much of a difference you've managed to make to your life in such a short space of time.

Vicky said...

What's up with the comment moderation, Bête? Has your weirdo stalker come back?

La Bête said...

Wow. So many basil comments. In fact, all basil comments. Basil comments as far as the eye can see. People are even sending me basil emails. According to 'S':

"I spoke with an ethno-botanist last week, and he explained why it's impossible to keep basil plants bought at the supermarket alive:
They grow them too quickly and put lots of little plants in the pot fighting for nutrition, rather than one, strong plant that can grow - which is why their chances of staying alive are slim.
It made me feel better about the amount of herb plants that have died on me."

So there you go.

Vicky, comment moderation has been in place since the stalker started stalking, and although they haven't been in touch for a couple of months, it's come in handy on a couple of occasions, so I'm going to keep it.

And regarding the difference between now and then, you don't know the half of it. Life is just too weird.

Too weird. And Southern California sounds kinda nice at the moment.

Ryan Lawson said...

I am feeling unassailable, which is remarkable considering that I just now fell in a snowbank bringing my recycling-box in from the curb.

You did say "everything", right?

La Bête said...

Ah, at last the reign of basil comment terror is over.

Yes, Ryan. Everything. What were you recycling? And what were you wearing?

Shimacat said...

Hmm. There's a bit of subtext in this entry, isn't there? Are you OK?

La Bête said...

Ahh, I do love a nice subtext, Shima. Thank you for your concern, but I am fine. I have everything I have ever wanted. What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.