Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tune Tuesday :: Tim Minchin

Morag and I just had an argument about this song. Listen to it with a loved one. Maybe you can have an argument about it too!

Or maybe you’re bigger than that.

We didn’t argue about this one however. Sally and I would have. But Morag and I didn’t. Life is funny.

I’ve not seen much of Minchin before. He has a brilliant way with the old words.

Ah, the internet. You are marvellous sometimes.


In other news, I finally managed to get that faecal sample out of my bag and into the right hands, rotten banana stains and all. And I found out today that I do not have tumours in my testicles, no, nor varicose veins neither. Nor varicose veins neither.

Ooh, look! Speaking of words, I've just found Under Milk Wood, free for all to hear. If you like words, and you've never heard it, I recommend you find an hour, stick on a pair of headphones and close your eyes.

Pleasant day to you. Hope you're enjoying the Obamarama.

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Maria in Oregon said...

Obamarama! HA! You are funny, Bete! I actually turned on the TV in the conference room when I got to work this morning and a handful of us abanded our oh-so-important work to watch the historical inauguration. Much to the chagrin of the few Republicans I work with. Huh.

La Bête said...

Good! Stick it to 'em!

Four More Years! Four More Years!

wanders off to finally unsubscribe from Michael Moore newsletter with a clear conscience

Alison Eales said...

Minchin really is superb. Sums up my feelings on relationships and religion perfectly there. I'm not qualified to comment on the other subject.

emordino said...

What the deuce? He looks exactly like Duke Special. I mean, freakishly so.

Julian Meteor said...

I am BORED of Obama ALREADY.
And I'm STILL unemployed.

La Bête said...

Ha! Indeed he does, Emo. I'd never heard of this Duke chap, but you're absolutely right. Well, fancy that.

Julian, WELCOME. The reason you still haven't got a job is that you are quite clearly on drugs. And not even Obama would employ such an obvious reprobate.

Julian Meteor said...

That is NOT much of a "welcome"

NOT lol

La Bête said...

You are right. I apologise. I jumped to conclusions because of your off-the-wall online demeanour. I'm sure there's another perfectly valid reason you're not out looking for work. Sorry.

Julian Meteor said...

DERRRRRR!!!!! lol
The CREDIT crunch????????


La Bête said...

It's the pound!

Shimacat said...

Minchin is good! He's been watching Bill Bailey, though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMl0YIeMj78

which is the best love song I've ever heard. I will play Minchin's love song to my beloved, but we won't argue about it. Any song which mentions statistics and randomised events in a probably infinite universe is OK with me and the geek.

Laura said...

He is exceptionally funny, thanks for sharing!

I laughed a lot at the "If I didn't have you" song, but I am a giant nerd who laughs out loud at lines like "I mean I think you're special, but you fall within a bell curve". I am very much a scientist and rationalist and don't believe in any sort of destiny or higher power, and my boyfriend, who shows a tendency towards believing in those kind of things, is not here. But I'm sure if he had been here I still would have laughed. And then we probably would have had an argument.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour La Bête,
Thanks for this Tim Minchin bloke. He's brill. You made my day.
Uncle Did

Anonymous said...

He wears his eyeliner well.

Ann Anon

Lennie Nash said...

You're so right about Under Milk Wood! Oh Thomas and his slow, black, sloe-black fishing-boat bobbing sea. Marvelous.

dance said...

I agree. Under Milk Wood is lush. Have always loved it.