Sunday, 12 October 2008

Coping With the Credit Crunch :: Two Alternatives

1) Get mad...

2) Come to Burnley and eat your way out of it...

Please don't choose the latter.

No disrespect intended, but Burnley is weird. If you're not a supporter of either 'the Clarets' or the BNP, then frankly, you're not from round here. Ugh. The good news however, is that it looks like Keith's dad is going to be OK. He's just going to have to lay off the cigarettes and battered foodstuffs for a while. He's still in hospital for the moment and in between visits we're being looked after by Sylvia. We're going to stay here for a couple of days. Keith's phoning around people he's supposed to be working with this week in London and putting things off, and I've got my laptop.

Now, what to do in Burnley on a Sunday. Ah yes, close the curtains, lock the doors and stay indoors. They're mad as hell up here.

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Cat said...

Gosh, that chipper's cheap as chips, isn't it? And I didn't realise you got deep-fried chocolate outside Scotland.

What do people do on weekends? I'd have thought that would be their peak business hours.

Good news on the recovery though.

Ani Smith said...

I'm glad Keith's dad is out of the woods. You boys stay out of trouble up there.

Eloise said...

So glad Keith's dad is getting better. Hugs and good wishes for the next few days.

I organised an event in Burnley once. I have to agree it was pretty weird, but there are some really good people there, only some of whom are mad.

But I am dead bored and I think you should come to Leeds and have lunch with me. Although I don't think you can get deep-fried Mars bars over here, so I can see that the allure would be lacking. Sigh.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Nice, you can have friend stuff anytime! I have to wait till the county fair to have it...god, I sound so Idaho.

beth said...

You should've gone for a walk round Towneley Hall. It's very nice.

(Good news about Keith's dad though)

Rose said...

Great news about Keith's dad!

Do they batter everything in Burnley?

Speaking of the economy, I paraphrased that scene to a woman who called into work to complain (I work at a newspaper.)
She didn't know what she should do, but she knew she was 'mad as hell.'
So, I paraphrased this scene and told her to tell her friends and neighbors to do the same.

However, I may have to take responsibility if she starts a riot.

Angela-la-la said...

Good news about Keith's dad. Probably best to stay indoors, you'd only get battered.

Anonymous said...

My family live near Burnley.It's one of the reasons I live in Scotland.

Good news about Not Keith Snr.I bet he was chuffed to bits that you two braved the wilds of Burnley to be with him.

Caroline x

Anonymous said...

"you'd only get battered."

Ha. You funny woman.

Glad Keith's dad is on the mend.

La Bête said...

Yes, Cat, I’ll say one thing for Burnley, it is cheap.

Yes, Ani. Whatever you say, Ani.

Sorry, Eloise. No deep-fried Mars Bars, no go.

SCW, you are beginning to baffle. I don’t really speak Idaho I’m afraid!

Thanks for the suggestion, Beth. It had better be good.

Rose, someone called up the newspaper to complain about the economy? I know journalists are a shabby bunch, but I hardly think they should have to take responsibility for the financial meltdown. Or should they?

Lala, you’re right. The town motto is ‘If it moves, batter it (but only in the flour and egg sense. We abhor physical violence.)’ It’s a bit unwieldy as town mottos go, but its heart is in the right place. (The deep fat fryer.)

Caroline, yes, he was pleased. It made me realise afresh, families can be quite cool.

Tanya Jones said...

That chippy's demographic is the unemployed, isn't it? No-one with a job would be able to get home in time.

Good news about Keith's dad...

La Bête said...

I know, it's ridiculous. It's open three and a half hours a day, five days a week, and never at peak hours. Madness. Madness, I tell you.