Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Insane God Man Vs Barack Obama

This is pretty much the stupidest thing you will see all year.


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Some Chilean Woman said...

I am afraid. I can't believe these crazies actually have congregations of people preaching out there!

Anonymous said...

i just got back from an OBAMA rally!!! got to hear him speak, but couldn't see him - there were 50,000 of us! GO OBAMA!!

Mina McKay said...

OH my god. OH my god oH my god WTF!?! Apparently this guy is really racist against biracial people. Oh. My. God. I..wow.

Rose said...

I... what..... who....
Holy crap, I have no idea what to say....
Wait, yes I do: the guy sounds a bit like a toad.
He also is proving my point that religious fanatics are sometimes synonymous with crazy nutbags.

I was waiting for the guy to start laughing; it's just too ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I can only see a black square? Is that meant to be stupid? Or am I missing something?

La Bête said...

SCW, it's terrifying, isn't it?

Lauren, what was the security like? I'm interested, and concerned.

Mina, it is difficulty to know what to say, I agree.

Rose, me too. But no, no joke.

Anonymous, no, that's right. It's a black square. Stupid huh? Whatever next?

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please don't post garbage like this. I'd much rather you didn't post anything for a couple of days than annoying fluff fillers.

I'm probably a little more fed up than most with this stuff though as the forum I moderate has more than it's fair share of Yanks and there's been too much of this stupid stuff floating round recently.

BTW, my comment verification word was almost asshat ...

La Bête said...

Oh. But... I thought it was interesting. And I thought, you know, that this was my blog and I could post whatever the fuck I wanted. Oh, hang on... it is!!!


Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

I couldn't watch the whole thing, does he ever give a coherent sentence or 2 about why he is calling him tarzan, raised by an ape?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely - that was simply a plea and should in no way be construed as an order.

Do I need more "please"s? ;)




S'il vous plait.

Vär snäll.


Por favor.


OK, I've run out of languages now ;)

Anonymous said...

Me Jane!

Ann Anon

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

by the way. i hate comment moderation. you're impacting my desire for immediate self-gratification. sigh. oh right, YOUR blog and all that. lol.

Anonymous said...

fist bumping leads to eating babies. didn't you all know that? i'm voting for the old white dude because he has jowls big enough to save babies...

jeebus louise... this guy maintains tax exempt status. scary as hell...

Some Chilean Woman said...

You post whatever you want Bete. I love it and that's all you need in life, ha!

iLL Man said...

"Oh. But... I thought it was interesting. And I thought, you know, that this was my blog and I could post whatever the fuck I wanted. Oh, hang on... it is!!!"

Whatever gave you that idea?

you'll post what we goddamn tell you to, ok? ;) =D

Avitable said...

I think I'm going to call Sarah Palin Taaaaaarzan from now on just for fun.

Anonymous said...

This man should be humanely decapitated. A petition anyone?

Anonymous said...

Differential Diagnosis:

1. Enterocephalic fistula (layman's term: connection btw intestines and head causing faeces to be deposited in brain)

2. Schizophrenia (Delusional)

3. Republican


This man should be put to sleep, indefinately

Doctor's orders

Shimacat said...

I heard "Staawp Obaamaa" and staawped the tape. I'm beginning to think that Obama is the last bulwark between humankind and hell in a handcart.

But if you like, you can donate any of your fast-vanishing spare cash to a Good Cause; the atheist bus. Sponsored heavily by Richard Dawkins: http://tinyurl.com/63xyzp

Slogan: "There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Anonymous said...

Kära Urban Spaceman,

Du har gjort Lille Bete mycket arg.
Sluta gnälla, han får skriva vad han fan vill.

Tönt Nisse

La Bête said...

An online translator tells me:

'Dear Urban Spaceman,

You have done Lille Bait very angry.
Stop whine, he may write what the hell he wants.

Jerk Nisse'

Väl said, dig charmig svensk! Jag kunde inte instämma mer.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Bete,

I have this nice warm feeling inside me now after you acknowledged me in swedish. This must be what it feels like when a celebrity speaks to you. I'm touched!
The spaceman has been doing my head in for a while. An admonishment was in order.
Anyway I just like to say that your blog is top quality and I enjoy reading it very much. Please don't ever stop writing this blog! Know that there are so many readers like me who don't post comments often enough. You will get your big break soon, i know it. Quality like this cannot go unnoticed for too long. Ok, the warm fuzzy feeling inside me is subsiding now and I have browned my nose enough.
Your fan

La Bête said...

Jag finner din rysligt gulliga bruna näsa.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! You find my cute brown nose dreadful?!

That online translator is being ever so mischievous and oxymoronic.

Ofcourse I would like to believe you meant, you find my brown nose awfully cute.

I am smitten....

P.S: On reviewing the meaning of this idiom, brown nose, I found to my horror that it implies I want something in return for my ass kissing. Oh absolutely not. Those comments were genuine. But I'm sure when you're earning 5m£ a book you wont mind parting a fifth of that too a faithful, and let's not forget charming swede that you have blown cyber kisses to.

Din älskling =)

Panda said...


Thanks, darling, for the best fucking laugh I've had all day.


Panda said...


Thanks for the best fucking laugh I've had all day. Actually, make that all week.


Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

bien sur! il le faut parler en la langue different pour un reponse...maintenant, je comprends!

Newbie said...

Holy crap. That man is fucking insane, and dangerous!

It feels like this guy should be wearing a white hood or something! How can people be so horrific and hateful?

Miss Snuffleupagus said...

America, land of the free (in their dreams) and home of the brave. You'd have to be brave to live there among the loonies and religious freaks.

Anonymous said...

Pratar vi Svenska nu?

BTW, Tönt got mistranslated - I suspect it was meant to be "geek" ;)

Du är intehttp://betedejour.blogspot.com/ arg mot mig Bete, eller? Hoppas inte ... ;)

Nu, ska vi sjungar en snapps visa ...

Bamse pippar lille-skutt i backen
Svansen kittlar skönt när man är naken
Skålman rynkar, farmor kokar honung
Så att Bamse kan få stånd igen

Hope the adult content doesn't get me censored - will be interested to see what Bete gets out of bablefish for that one ;)

Anonymous said...


KK=Knull kompis? ;)

Anonymous said...

Erm, KK, I've just seen that I've apparantly been "doing your head in for a while" ... why, precisely? It's not as if I even comment here very often.

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

BTW Bete, since I seem to have upset one of your commentors (although frankly, I've no idea how! KK - your Swedish is too fluent to be an online translator - do I know you from a rather specific online forum? Do I have a cyber-stalker?)


a. Sorry for monopolising your comments - I should have given it a but more thought and put everything in one post.

b. I really like your writing - it's nice irreverant humour combined with (what I can only assume is) brutal honesty. That's pretty much a winning combination. Now all you need is the lucky break...

c. I wasn't having a go at Bete, simply saying this video was garbage (who would disagree with that - the guy was a nutter!) I seem to have seen an awful lot of this nutty propaganda recently and it's getting a little tiring, that's all. I'll be quite happy when the election is over.

Now, how about I get a round in?

Anonymous said...

I have a headache.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, fingers crossed,McCain and Palin don't win...

If they do, I'm running away to Mexico or maybe Canada, or hey- why not the UK...

Anyone interested in starting an underground railroad to help frightened Americans, who believe in equality, freedom of choice, tolerance, and separation of church and state?

Oh wait, crazy-religious-zealots; exist everywhere!
I forgot...oh, well!

I guess, I'll just stay here- I tried living without real Mexican food for two weeks and it didn't work out that well.

Anonymous said...

all 50,000 of us had to go through metal detectors: horribly dreadful lines and waiting ensued.

Also, where in the bleeding hell have you gone??

La Bête said...

Ha Ha! You find my cute brown nose dreadful?!


Panda, were you a little tipsy when you commented last?

Little Sparra, vous grand ridicule. Honte à vous.

Now, Spaceman, what the heckfire is going on? You appear to be Swedish, and KK appears to be Swedish too. What’s going on? It’s like IKEA round here all of a sudden. And I translated your song with the help of the internet. It makes no sense:

Bamse Pippa little-jump on the slopes
Tail tickle nice when you are naked
Skalman frowning, grandmother cook honey
So Bamse can get a position again

But it does sound rather coarse. So I must insist you stop at once.

Don’t worry, Lauren. I’m here, and hopefully normal service will be resumed fairly soon.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant translation!! ;)

It's a childrens song with rude words.

Bamse takes lille-skutt up the arse
The tail tickles nicely when you're naked
Skålman masturbates, grandma cooks honey
So Bamse can get hard again

Bamse, lille-skutt, skålman and farmor are all characters in the Bamse comic (Bamse is a bear who eats honey to make him strong a la Popeye with spinach).

I like your translation better ;)

BTW, I'm a Brit. I just live in Sweden (at least until I get around to moving back to Oz, where it's much sunnier!!)

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, there appears to be a funk in the blogosphere.

Bloggers are posting a lot less lately.

Must be fall. The creative energies becoming all funked up.

Hope you return soon.


Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

I've lost an hour and my WV is SLYCLAT. I've quite forgotten my reason to be here......

Oh yes, write more often - please?


Anonymous said...


Growing up in Sweden, I enjoyed the Bamse cartoons, thank you for corrupting those sweet memories.

Sir Bete, you have an international following, let's eat some meatballs and celebrate.