Friday, 14 March 2008

Feedback Friday :: Turns Out I’m Really Not That Bad After All

bulk :: 17st 6
cigarettes smoked :: 0
units of alcohol imbibed :: 14
runs run :: 2
small deaths (alone) :: 1
small deaths (accompanied) :: 6
pigeons in flight :: 12

This has been a very good week. I’m not at home at the moment and I don’t really have the time to compose a haunting paean to how dashed pleased I am. Besides which, it would be dull and unbecoming. No one likes a gloater.

One thing though – I found a book in a second-hand shop on Wednesday and finished reading it on Wednesday night. It’s called e-luv, it’s written by Dave Roberts and it’s a very, very ugly book indeed. Thankfully it’s also extremely funny and eminently readable. It's the story of a fat, ugly man with agoraphobia and a rash, who becomes addicted to the internet - specifically to online chatrooms. I would love to know how close it is to reality. I’m guessing not very, simply because I’m assuming that someone so amusing could not possibly be such a gargantuan shit. This is probably hugely naïve of me.

Looking at his old blog, I found a link to this, allegedly a compilation of stolen dating tapes from the 80s. Not only is it very amusing, it’s also a warning not to ever ever allow yourself to talk like a psycho when there's a camera running:

It also made me feel so very much better about myself. AtleastIcanstringasentencetogether.

Gosh. Check out DogMen:

Have a smashing weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I used to read Dave's blog a long time ago and I bought the book as soon as it was published. I absolutely loved it! Scary but fascinating, a bit like your stories ;o)

Louche said...

It's amazing that the you tube generation haven't got more into video dating.

Glamourpuss said...

So you got yourself a bird, then - well done.

Keep up the six shags a week and the weight will fall off.


Tim Footman said...

"I like to watch wrestling..."


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow you've lost loads of weight since I last read your blog. Well done...I think it is finding me so could you stop with the dieting now?

La Bête said...

Penelope, yeah, I loved it too, but I also hated Trevor.

Louche, I know! You&MeTube is just waiting to be made. The entrepreneurs are being a bit slow on that one.

Puss, heh. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. I'm thankful for every day at the moment, and I'm sure that's the way it should stay ideally.

Tim Footman, hello. And welcome. I see you're a proper writer. Thus, I am immediately filled with admiration and bitterness.

DJ, I do like the idea of my lost fat rolling across the counties to find other unsuspecting people, then attaching itself to them as they innocently go about their business. Here, have another pound.

Vulgar Wizard said...