Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Post Mortem :: It’s What He Would Have Wanted

Now, some might consider this a little distasteful, but frankly speaking, they can go hang.

Tribute to Pablo is artist-in-residence Not Keith’s first paid commission. I commissioned it myself, with pizza. I said, ‘How would you like to paint me a picture of Pablo? In exchange for a large rectangular pizza?’

‘Only on the condition that I can fill it with passion and fury and spite,’ he said. ‘Only on the condition that I can have it scream with the indignity of death and shake a thousand fists in the face of God, crying “Too cruel, this world, too cruel!”’

‘OK,’ I said.

One thing about Pablo, he had a wonderful sense of humour.

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Anonymous said...

Your friend Not Keith is a terrific artist.

Also from your post yesterday, I liked your line about:

"I don’t think the procuring of a new kitten is an attempt to replace that cat so much as finding another avenue for that love that you still have inside you but which suddenly has no place to go"

You are lucky that you had Pablo to pass your love onto (perhaps another pet at some time might be useful?).

As someone who has suffered from years of heartache due to numerous unrequited loves (which I have just blogged a little smidgen about) and who lives in rented accommodation which always come with the standard "no pets, no children" clauses, I find it difficult when your love has nowhere to go, no outlet to bestow itself upon.

When I read your words yesterday (about finding an avenue for your love) I really regretted not being able to have a pet in all my various rented flats (perhaps I should actually regret more not yet having bought my own place in which I would be able to live by my own rules and would be able to keep a fluffy stress-busting, affection accepting pet).

Hmmmmmmm .......... I'm sure there's an answer in here somewhere.

Hope you enjoy the picture of Pablo and that Keith enjoys the pizza!

Angela-la-la said...

A large meat feast seems a small price to pay.

Artful Kisser said...

Great picture. Love the Roman mice touch.

Je ne regrette rien said...

how did pizza get rectangular? my, you brits are a strange bunch . . . cool drawing, btw.

Inwardly Confused said...


The Monkeyman said...

The mice have some dope centurion hats.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour la Bête

If Pablo's sense of humor was as black as his fur, he would have loved this tribute.

Uncle Did

Selena said...

I love it, Pablo Of Our Sins, quite lovely. Well done, not-Keith!

Wait...seriously, is that a tire mark?

I think all cats have a humor that runs toward the Macabre, so although I do not know Pablo, I'm sure he would love this final tribute.

Shimacat said...

Ha! Cats do have a very sarky sense of humour, I think. He'd have liked that pic. I like it. It's sick. It's great.

I'm so sorry about Pablo. I've been reading your blog on my blackberry while I've been travelling for work, but the damned thing isn't smart enough to let me leave comments (actually it is, but I'm not smart enough to remember my blogger password) - and I was just stunned when I read the entry a few days ago. How cruel for you. Poor Pablo cat.

Since I read that, you have no idea how often I've thought about you, wishing you well and hoping the cat-shaped hole in your life is filled, quickly.

DJ Kirkby said...

??????? Seriously...the pair of you! What are you like? xo

curly said...

Hey B, got back from hols and excitedly realised you had posted lots of juicy blogs and then reading through them realised with a horrid sinking feeling the last couple of weeks have been fairly pants for you. Really sorry for the loss of Pablo. I'm not a cat person - more of a doggy gal - but do understand. Grief is just awful and there's nothing to do but ride it out. Agree with another comment along the lines that society doesn't allow us to grieve for pets in the same way as humans. The love we get from animals with fantastic and amusing characters is fairly unconditional, innocent and it has a heart warming power that soothes hurts. Animals never let us down - unless they decide to take a shit on your cream carpet (more fool me for having a cream carpet I say). I commend your decision not to replace Pablo quickly and easily to salve your raw loss. Perhaps it's that that diminishes societies respect for pet-loss-grief. However if you did an about turn on that score - would completely understand - let's face it most of us would do a lot to avoid feeling grief. It's why we say 'no, don't walk out that door and leave me'.

So soz about the Sally thing - hopefully things are working in a more positive direction in private and we'll get to hear about them at somepoint. I've skipped briefly through everyone's comments regarding her (first day back at work and that's what I'm meant to be doing!). I think some people are being a little hard on her. She may have said a few bad things when she was clawing around for something to say, her intentions may have become a bit skewed, she may or may not have done a bad thing (photographed you without your permission) but that doesn't make her a bad person and it doesn't take away the good times you had. I think someone commented along the lines of 'I knew from the start and you should have too'. Rubbish. We only get a picture of Sally from your perspective. None of us know what truly goes on in her head and what her intentions were. Relationships are completely different to those inside them to their spectators. And even if she did have 'I behave like an effing C*nt' tattooed across her forehead - well that's what attraction and falling for people and giving people chances is all just never know until you try. Giving someone a chance and getting laid is the last thing you should be blamed for. Grrrrrrrr. (Yeah okay I had my heart broken by some wanker I'd been warned about but who did a 1st class job in convincing me and my family and friends he was a decent human being. Grrrrrr)

I hope the good times with Sally come back - but if they don't then ride out the grief and something / someone will turn up. Now at least you know whats possible - and when you've had it once its much easier to encounter it again. Sending a big juicy smackeroonie on your cheek along with a very squeezy but firm hug that lasts at least a second longer than you would expect it to. Take care of yourself.

La Bête said...

Thanks again, everyone. Your support is wonderfully warming. Now really, let us go forward.