Friday, 13 June 2008

Feedback Friday :: A Fresh Start

bulk :: 16st 2
cigarettes :: 0
joints :: quite a few
alcohol :: quite a bit
runs :: 0
swims :: 0
physical exercise of any description :: none
fresh starts :: 1

I guess I did see it happening, but… I suppose I just ignored it. That little pause in that last sentence there was where I spent five minutes thinking how I could jazz up what I was trying to say a bit. But there’s no jazzing it up. I just ignored it.

I had the best excuse though, which is that I was having a damnably good time. I’ve had some wonderful larks and frolics during the last couple of months.

But yes, those days are done, and things – other things – have been left to go rather awry.

Which is to say:

• I’ve stopped running.
• I’ve stopped swimming.
• I’ve stopped eating well.
• I’ve stopped eating less.
• My weight is ouncing back up the wrong way.
• I’ve broken promises to myself about marathon training and gym membership.
• There are pizza boxes on the kitchen floor and some of my possessions are still in boxes from moving house weeks ago.
• In the last five days alone I have literally grown trotters and a snout. And a cute little curly tale.


What to do about it. Well, I figure a fresh start is called for. Or even, A Fresh Start.

First thing, I can cut out the junk food again. That’s a piece of cake. (Mmmmmm, cake.)

As far as running and joining the gym however, my concern is my back, which I stretched to buggery a couple of weeks ago and which has been hanging over me like the truss of Damocles ever since. It’s a small of the back affair and it concerns me greatly. So…

Second thing, go see a chiropractor or an osteopath or whatever, just do something about it and don’t be sitting around on your sorry fat ass all day and using it as an excuse.

Third thing, swim. Swimming is good for you, good for event the most fragile backs. Do it.


So I’m pulling out my finger as of today. OK, bit late now. Tomorrow then. Tomorrow. The sun will come out. And next week’s feedback will reflect my newfound zeal for self-improvement. You see if it doesn’t.

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Wisewebwoman said...

I've tomorrowed myself into a coma, BDJ.
I will look upon you to inspire me out of it.
yeah and forsooth I will wake up and declare:
today is the day I will get back in the figurative saddle of self care and self esteem and eschew the ways of the glutton and the sloth.
I will swim and gym, 10,000 stepping my way back to the food my grandparents would have recognised.

Zoe said...

Damn I know what you mean. I lost 7 stone a few years back, was more active etc etc. But slowly it crept back on...about 3 stone of it and now you and I are about the same weight.
Go find a chiropractor, they do more than just sort out your back.
Good luck with your fresh start

DJ Kirkby said...

I'm with wisewoman on this one I'm afraid. I cycle to work and other places, walk wherever I can but am still overweight 'cos I enjoy eating too much. Fat but fit...still deciding if that is a terribly bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Come on Bete, you know that you'll feel fantastic once you start. I train 6 days a week and treat myself on Saturday & Sundays to extended smokes. Try healthy tasty food instead of the munchies. Yummm. Best of both worlds. xx

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Smoking joints could be defined as healthy...after all, it's green! (groan, I know)
I'm useless at weight loss advice, but if you've hurt your back, buy yourself a gym ball,just sitting on them builds up your core stability making back injuries less likely, and they have the added bonus of making your tummy flat, Bendy Girl

Shimacat said...

Tell you what worked for me was the GI diet. Carb-free weightloss - lost eighteen pounds and now I am within a cat's whisker of my target weight. Smug? No, actually, because it's not enough, but it's enough for me. I didn't stop drinking either. Just cut the carbs completely. And started drinking lots of black coffee. And moved house, moved city, lost a cat, planned a marriage, got a new job... hmm. Carb-free and high-stress. But I have a waistline again.

Lauren said...


The worst thing to do is to beat yourself up about it. The best thing to do is to accept that you are human, know that it's okay to get off track (really, it is okay to get off track), and just get right back on it.

But don't chide yourself, it accomplishes nothing... besides maybe a bit of sadness and sadness inspired binging...

You actually just inspired a blog post I should write. Merci!

Anonymous said...

A curly TALE! I love it! I'm sure this is a Freudian slip, but it suits the post! Good Luck!

Selena said...

It's ok to fall of the wagon, roll off the path and end up in a ditch on the side of the Road. That's the thing with weight loss- and maintenence- it's a life long commitment that's going to have it's up and downs.

You've taken the 1st step- recognizing that you are no longer on the wagon, so now just take it slow and steady and you'll overtake that shambling cart we call healthy living in no time.

Oh and pick the pizza boxes up off the floor for goodness sake!

La Bête said...

Anonymous six-days-a-week training person - is that you, Frank?

I'm definitely going to look into a gym ball. They look so comfy.

Shima, could you recommend a book or even better, a website that might offer me GI guidance?

Pizza boxes have gone. I'm back on track. Apart from the chocolate biscuits. Damn them!

Selena said...

mmmm... chocolate biscuits!