Monday, 29 June 2009

The Monday Review :: ‘Oh what a lovely book!’

Good evening.

Next week, all going well, I will be interviewed for a Christian radio station. That should be fun. This week, a couple more reviews on Amazon, starting with one by S P Williams, which I will now excerpt for my own glorification:

‘...It's soon evident that this isn't a quick cobbling-together of blog posts. On the printed page, Stan's writing comes into its own, with an immediacy and incisiveness that instantly engages. Stan's depiction of the minutiae of human interaction is amazingly perceptive… It's also riotously funny: really laugh-out-loud, blowing-snot-out-of-the-nose funny. I can't recommend this highly enough; it deserves to be massive, if only so that we can hear a lot more from Stan. An astonishing debut from a huge (in all senses of the word) talent.’

That’s probably my favourite so far. I particularly like the bit about snot. I hope it really happened.

The second is from Ian in Melbourne, and includes the following:

‘Beautifully written… a rollicking rollercoaster ride that swings wildly and unpredictably between comedy and pathos…. But I did wonder how the blog format - episodic, rambling and continuing - would translate into the necessarily more disciplined and discrete book format. And, I wondered, how can it end on a satisfactory note with at least some semblance of the loose ends being tied up? The answer is wonderfully well. You know that feeling you get when you savour every page of a book, when you simultaneously can't wait to get to the next bit but feel anxious because the pages left to read are steadily reducing and you don't want it to be over - well, that's 'Bete de Jour'…. And when you get to the ending a wonderful surprise awaits, unexpected even for readers of the blog. Suffice it to say that Stan does indeed find love, though not necessarily in the way we were expecting. And, seeing himself for the first time through the eyes of someone who loves him deeply and unconditionally, he finds a measure of self-esteem and, yes, happiness. Oh what a lovely book!’

Awww. That’s nice.

Then there’s a review on Hendo’s blog. Hendo is the guy who suggested I might be Irvine Welsh merely pretending to be Stan Cattermole for… actually, I’m not sure for why. I don’t think Hendo’s sure either, but he still has his suspicions. ‘He does write almost suspiciously well,’ he writes, suspiciously. ‘Could this be a fascinating experiment by someone much better known? I can’t rid myself of this thought. I’m like that though.’ Ah, Hendo. You big nutter, you. Sadly, Hendo also has a few reservations about the book. Happily, I’m going to ignore them. He ends by saying: ‘Anyway do buy this book, a man who writes like this – whoever he is - deserves lunch.’

I do deserve lunch. He is right. I’m going to have a Mars bar ice cream. Then go for a bike ride.

Until tomorrow.

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Our Glamorous Heroine said...

Is the word 'rollicking' ever used outside of book and film reviews? I think it needs to be freed from these narrow constraints. "I'm terribly sorry for your loss, but didn't he have a rollicking life?" Brilliant.

Er, anyway, congrats on the reviews. I'm going to buy the book tomorrow, and it better not disappoint! (I'm sure it won't.)

K said...

Nice reviews! I finished reading your book last night, and I be inclined to add a glowing review of my own, if you don't mind comments from those who were here pre-book-famousness :)

oh, and listened to a bit of your radio interview you posted, you do have a lovely voice, could listen to you all day :)

La Bête said...

OGH, thanks, duck. And fingers crossed.

Thank you, K. I would be honoured and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Panda said...

Interesting. D'you think the listeners of the Christian radio station will be outraged by your exploits?

La Bête said...

Apparently they just received the book today. I'm not sure they'll still want me when they've read it.

Antipo Déesse said...

Sadly, I was on a train yesterday when devouring your newly delivered book, so was unable to send you my spontaneous, page-by-page thoughts in real time as they occurred (unless you tuned in and received them psychically). So I will have to do the grown up thing and write you a proper review.

But be sure of this: it will glow. It will sing your praises. It will describe your adjectives as 'Bill Brysonesque (but much naughtier)'. It will shudder and heave, vibrate and crackle with approval, mirth and delight. It will prickle with envy. It will surely send literary Lolitas sprinting to the bookshops to buy you in their thousands. Yes, I have that power.

You can spank me later.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour La Bête,
A mars bar ice cream for lunch ! not the best choice when all the shops are stuffed with fruits and veggies.
Attention à ta ligne stan !
And while I'm here, I'll join the choir : You do have a sexy voice !
Uncle did

La Bête said...

AD, I can't wait.

UD, my line? I must pay attention to my line? OK, you are right. I'm going out on my bike right now.