Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Scanmongering Mittwoch :: Violence

This is not violence.

This is smut. Also, it's the answer to the last thrilling episode of Bookscan, from back in those heady, innocent days of mid-May. Congratulations due to Melissa, who in the end refused the kind offer of a dead old man's wheelchair. There is no pleasing some people.

This, however, is violence.

I watched Louis Theroux Meets Chris Eubank last night and that reminded me that I had lined up a couple of Bookscans before I went on holiday. But then I forgot about them. Look at that photo though. Vile, isn't it? 'You never got me down, Ray.' Here's another one.

How thoroughly undignified.

Aww, this is better, and of course, what it was all about. Or most of it.

So, what's the book? If you don't know, guess. A prize for the winner. Don't know what yet. You choose.

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Anonymous said...

Is it 'The Big Book of Boxing' by Brian 'I'll box your ears' Pringle?

Boxing must really hurt.


Alexandra Sheppard said...


But, being new to these parts, I don't know what the competition is.

Would someone please explain?

Some Chilean Woman said...

"Learn How To Fight Before You Start Challenging People" ???

The prize I think should be some good self-rising flour.

La Bête said...

Hey, Shep, it's easy. What you have to do is name the book from which the photographs were taken.

It really is that simple.

Alexandra Sheppard said...

I haven't been called Shep in aaaaages.

Is the book 'Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing and Early Cinema'?

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

The Life and Stings of Mohammed Ali?

Alexandra Sheppard said...

Hmmm. Everyone else seems to be posting hilarious (yet obviously fake) book titles.

Am I doing it wrong?

La Bête said...

No, just ignore them. They'll never win the main prize with that kind of behaviour.

lilianavonk said...

Monty Python's Big Red Ouchy Book?

The Idiot's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Rhinoplasty?

Your Words Will Never Hurt Me, But Gosh, Your Fist Sure Does?

I'm sorry, I'll stop now. No frickin' clue, obviously (and indeed, as per usual).

Litha said...

You've mentioned me in your book! Twice! What a pity you can't see my big grin.

Anonymous said...

On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates


I think A. Sheppard has a good idea above. A free copy of your book to the winner of a competition set by you. Go on, Stan the Man. Think of a compy where one of us could win your booky wooky.....



DJ Kirkby said...

Is it 'The Butterfly rides'? I would like a copy of your book as my prize please. x

Toni said...

Is it "Boxing: A Cultural History"? Boxing maybe vile because we don't have to fight anymore. I boxed at school and my father boxed when he was a young man in Glasgow. Anyway no matter what you think, look at the significance of Ali, (sublime at his peak but a bit too political for me) and what about the modern day saviour of the Phillipines, Pacman? He is surely headed for political office when he retires although why he would want to run that tragic country is beyond me.

Antipo Déesse said...

Dear Stan,

Your book has arrived in my hot little postbox!

Now, should I send you page-by-page critiques in real time, as I think my spontaneous thoughts, or should I devour it all greedily and then send you a considered, exquisitely crafted and serious literary review like the grown ups do?

Choices, choices....

Anonymous said...

the first thing it made me think of is 'to kill a mockingbird' but it's not about boxing so... just thought I'd write it randomly anyways