Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Passaparola :: The Amazon Effect

I've learned quite a bit of Italian in the last couple of weeks. Obviously my phrasebook has been invaluable and thankfully, people here are extremely encouraging when you make an effort (much more so than in London for sure). One of the things I have learned is the word 'passaparola', which means 'by word of mouth'. It came up when someone asked me how I planned to publicise the book, what with me being anonymous and all. I tried to explain that hopefully (speriamo) people would like it and they would then tell their friends.

Then when I got back online last night, there was an email from the publicist lady asking me to encourage reviews on Amazon.

So. Here I go.

Ahem. If you happen to have read my book, and I know that a few of you have already, I would be enormously grateful if you would pop over to Amazon and tell the world what you think. Aw, go on – be the first! Or the second. Or whatever.

Incidentally, I am assured that Amazon neither hate nor fear homosexuals and that all that nonsense from a few weeks ago was merely a ghastly mistake, so please, no matter what you thought of the book, it would be really great if you could let the internet know. And tell your friends! (Actually, on second thoughts, if you didn't like it, just keep your mouth shut.)

Grazie mille.

Now, in other rotten news, things seem to have fallen through with Pea. She's double-booked for this evening and it's the only time I have free. It's a huge shame because, especially after the weirdness of Sicily, I was hoping that Pea would help me tie up the trip with a big, sexy ribbon of flesh, but it appears it's not to be.

So. There's nothing else for it. It's pizza time.

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The Gossamer Woman said...

Pea is a double crosser, that evil vixen. You can't trust those brown eyed Italian women. Settle your sights on a Northern beauty, a more Scandinavian type with beautiful blue eyes.

I hope the pizza settles your unsettled heart. Don't have too many ingredients on it, or you'll have bad dreams. Easy on the wine, it's not good for unsettled hearts.

Kirses said...

mmm pizza - enjoy

Maureen said...

Perhaps it's for the best, consummation might have left you going home with a big obsession. Bravisimo on taking the risk!

Antipo Déesse said...

Darlin', I've ordered your book but will refrain from reviewing it until I've actually read it. Okay by you?

La Bête said...

Thanks for your advice, TGW. Maybe you're right. Amsterdam it is.

Kirses, I did.

I expect you're right, Mo. But at least a big obsession gives you something to do with your heart. Even if it is a bit of a waste of time.

Antipo, sweetheart, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Valerie said...

Couldn't put the book down, I was reading it with one hand (well, actually with my eyes) while gardening with the other (seriously). So I win the prize of first review! Best of luck.