Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bingo! :: One Little Duck, Round Two

Just received a response from Mr Brown regarding my promotion of his clients, the 666Ladies Bingo Bastards Emporium. Here it is:

Hello Stan,

I showed this post to my clients but unfortunately they feel it is too edgy and they don’t want it to appear on the site. I hope you can understand. I’m sorry for the time you spent and hope we’ll be able to do business in the future.

Best regards,

Thomas Brown
Senior Advertising Consultant
Topspot Promotions

'Too edgy.' I like that. I might use it as a testimonial. 'Bête de Jour :: too edgy.' However, I do feel kind of bad. Mr Brown actually seems like a decent sort after all. Still, having said that, a deal is a deal and I can't stand welshers. So I replied with this:

Hi Thomas

I'm sorry to hear that, I really am. However, having toiled quite considerably on the article, I feel it is only fair that I receive financial recompense to the value of $80, as previously agreed.

How do you usually prefer to make payment? I can send you details of my Paypal or my bank account. Which would you prefer?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


So. Now we wait. I hope this doesn't end up in court, but if I don't get my $80, I swear, I'll take them for every penny they've got.

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Larry Teabag said...

I showed this post to my clients

Fantastic... if not exactly sensible, assuming he wishes them to continue as his clients. Hopefully he'll also pass your deranged demands for cash on to his clients.

clumpf said...

Poor Thomas. I don't think you'll get your $80. You called him a cunt.

James said...

Incredibly meta. It's like a hall of mirrors

Sir Garence said...

I initially read that as "Tosspot Promotions". Stan, if your correspondence continues then I think you should try to slip that in as an innocent typo.

janetyjanet said...

CLASSIC! love it love it love it

grrl said...

a "life spent predominantly alone wanking into an old sock and wondering no-one’s buying your really quite remarkable book" is indeed a wasted life. Had you used everytime a new sock for wanking into, everything would have been different, I suppose.

LilLadyJo88 said...

Brilliant! Stan, you brighten my days! :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome you are, a god among bloggers - kitten corruption and all. Entirely worth the £10 reader donation (although I'm afraid I only made it £2).