Monday, 3 March 2008

The End

I received the following email this morning, from Patricia:

Hello Poppet

It would appear that I'm suffering from a terrible inertia today - I can't seem to do anything to its conclusion. The kids are with their nan, I have no work till Wednesday and as a result, I am STILL IN MY PYJAMAS. I keep half-doing things, then making a coffee and wandering round. Plus people keep ringing me. I know lots of people in need at the moment. And it’s good because their needs take my mind of my own.

Anyway, I’ve come to a decision about our mutual friend “Keith”. Basically, I read that blog your friend recommended and I realised that in many ways I’ve had a lucky break. So much of what this stranger wrote rings true - “too much hurt, too many impulsive actions” - and I’ve decided that I’m not going to try and patch things up with “Keith”. He’s never betrayed me with anyone else before, as far as I know, but he has hurt me with his impulsiveness – putting himself before me, always putting himself before me, to such an extent that I don’t really matter. Richard never did that. Richard put me first always. He loved me. He truly loved me. And then he died. Nice one, God. Fair play to you.

When it comes to the way they both treated me at least, “Keith” has nothing on Richard. I do love him, "Keith", but as far as I can see it, he doesn’t know how to love properly. People who know how to love properly don’t sleep around. I think it’s that simple. Maybe they can learn how to love. Maybe “Keith” could learn how to love me. Maybe. But that’s too bad because I’m not going to give him the opportunity. He can learn to love someone else. And I can find someone else who doesn’t find loving me SUCH A FUCKING CHALLENGE.

I’ve told “Keith” this already. He was here all day yesterday trying to convince me that he’s right for me. I want you to post this on your blog because it was your blog that led me to Javaira’s blog and I think if I hadn’t read that, there is every chance I would have forgiven “Keith” and stayed with him. And that would have been the wrong decision. I deserve better than that. I know he’s your best friend so I’ll understand it if you choose not to put this on the internet but I want you to. I want you to finish the story. Because it’s definitely finished.

I know this will hurt “Keith” too, but that’s too bad. Like Javaira said – “If he can still face everyone after this, then he is learning to face himself.” You’d be doing him a favour.

I’m feeling sorry for myself now and I know this will pass. I know that I have to be strong now, when I feel weakest. I have to say no. “Keith” wants me back. I have to say no.

Anyway, howareyou? It's a miracle that I've finished this email. You should be honoured. Hope this find you very happy, nibbling on some delicious unhealthy elevenses.

“Patricia” xx

Ten minutes ago, I received this email from Keith:

Yeah, whatever, I’m really not arsed. I suppose if she wants you to stick it online, it would be churlish of me to stand in her way. I hope it gets you some new readers.

So there it is. I’m going round to see Keith tonight too, so there appears to be no bad feeling. So that’s good. Unless of course, he plans to poison me and bury me under his patio. (If I haven’t blogged again by Friday, please notify the authorities.)

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Anonymous said...

Patricia sounds beautiful, funny, clever & talented. Keith sounds like an arse. I know he's your best friend an all, but he really didn't deserve her, did he?

Though it's probably best if you don't tell him that.

Anonymous said...

Good for her! I hope she does find someone worthy. I hope you all do.
PS Cringing after reading your reply comment on the previous post. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hello, anonymous person. That's very lovely of you to say so and of course you are right about me - I am all of those things. But "Keith" is not entirely an arse. he has a lot going for him and in many ways he can be a wonderful person. I just wanted to say that. He made a mistake and he wasn't always the most devoted boyfriend, but he's a good guy on the hole.

Honest he is.


Anonymous said...

NONONO! On the whole, I meant. Not on the hole. Ewww. That's a nasty typo.

Ginny said...

Well done Patricia. People who cheat are not very nice, and you can do better.

And Bete, I'd bring a large club to your meeting with Keith tonight.

Sue said...


You are very strong to stick by the decision you feel is best for you! It is not about Keith's happiness now, but yours. He's had his turn, he chose unwisely.


Thanks for posting and letting us know what happened. See, we do care!

I wanted to say sooner that I found nothing wrong with your sharing this experience with us, because you were affected by it as well (although indirectly). You obviously care about your friends dearly.

Hugs to you both.

Luka said...

It's always a tough call, deciding how much, if anything, you should blog about the people in your real life.

Hope all works out for the best for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

'People who know how to love properly don't sleep around'.Beautifully put, and Patricia, I hope you find someone who knows how to love you properly, because you sound like a kind, funny, intelligent woman who deserves someone who will cherish you.
Bete, I feel for you being put in such a difficult position, but I'm sure you'll find a way to deal with it all.I hope you find someone who appreciates you too, and in the meantime, your blog is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour La Bête,

Am I the only one to think what I think ?
One blog, two persons looking for love and hapiness, three reasons to see romance around.
Or am I just a heartless git ?

Uncle Did

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you're not treading on anyone's toes with all of this?

I know it's natural for *some* people to get involved in their friends domestic disputes, but this all seems...highly irregular!

I actually find myself feeling rather sorry for Keith, and I'm not sure I'd really be able to trust someone who seemed to be using the details of my private life as material for his blog.

Not a personal attack on you as such Bete, but can you see how this is all a bit distasteful and not really any of your business?

Sue said...

I'm going to stick up for Bete against anonymous, because Bete didn't poke his nose into this business, it was brought TO him. He was comforting Patricia when she learned of it. He was indirectly involved and put in a very awkward position. I don't think sharing it here was a problem, because, honestly, if Keith had remained faithful and not been dishonest he wouldn't have anything to worry about on this blog, would he?

I don't see how you'd feel sorry for Keith, he should be ashamed of himself. (and he probably is too)

Anonymous said...

I think Jav is going to find all of this most interesting. I shall email her and tell her of this and that.

Patricia made an excellent point. Keith, is part of you angry at Bete for posting your mistake on his blog when you might just rather no one know about it? 'Cause that's what Willett has always done, hidden from his mistakes of cheating on Javaira. but Willett and Jav now know that keeping his philandering a secret has only made it easier for him to do it again. Now every person and his really intelligent dog knows that Willett can't keep it in his pants. And they also know that it's not cool.

Or maybe you're just grumpy because you think Bete has ulterior motives for posting this continuing saga ie readers?

Is that your motivation, Bete, for posting the story? I'm not asking to pass judgment, btw, just curious. That's me in a nutshell, curious little fucker.

La Bête said...

Anonymous, yes. She’s alright is Patricia.

Penelope, me too! (And ho ho ho at your cringing.)

Patricia. A good guy on the hole? If that’s not a Freudian lips then I don’t know what is.

Ginny. Easy, tiger. Clubbing is not the way. Is it? Maybe clubbing is the way. No, no. It’s not. Is it? No.

Thanks, Sue. I’m still not convinced, but thanks for your support.

Cheers, Luka.

Thanks, Caroline. That’s lovely of you to say.

Uncle Did! Hush thy mouth. You’re going to make me feel very uncomfortable intimating that Patricia and I should make mad, passionate love morning, noon and night. Please don’t suggest such a thing again.

Anon, I know, I know, but I’ve kind of been through all this before. And in this case, Patricia asked me to blog it, and Keith said to go ahead. It’s not like I’m going behind people’s backs. Anyway, as I say, I’m done with it. No more blogging about these buggers, not even if they ask me to.

Thanks again, Sue.

Hen, yeah, I’d be interested to know what she thinks. And as for your curiosity, I don’t think my motivation is readers because I don’t think odds and ends from the trials and tribulations of two people no one knows would bring me any readers particularly. I think I made a mistake posting in the first place. And then with this one, Patricia asked me. And I want to sleep with her. I mean, and she’s my friend, so obviously I couldn't say no.

I do want readers though. I crave them. Tell your friends!

Sarah said...

Hen tried telling her friends, but her friends were already reading...

Anonymous said...

I am the only person that doesn't think Keith sounds like an arse?

People make mistakes. And that has been thrown into his face, publicly, by his best friend who should be more supportive, who as far as I can tell is being pretty damn selfish (!!). As we all are though from time to time, I'm not trying to blame anyone, but I think people should be more understanding.

Anonymous said...

Willett here.

You know, I have made terrible mistakes in my past and I know that what I have done may have hurt Javaira irrepairably. I wish I could undo what I have done. I love her dearly and that just isn't the pleas of a desperate man, that is a reasoned response from someone who stands to lose the most important person in his lfe. She is everything to me and she knows that, I just hope she can learn to trust me again. I mean to earn it back and I will never break it again, you can be sure of that.

I love Jav and that is all there is to it.