Monday, 24 March 2008

Everybody’s Blogging Nowadays


His name is not Keith.


No. I've got absolutely nothing to say.

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thomkennedy said...

You got with your best friend's ex?

And he's very possibly about to be diagnosed with MS?


Beast indeed!

Bittersweet said...


He is funny, tho

Anonymous said...

oh my!!! no wonder you weren't telling us about the special lady!!!

Ginny said...

Wow. He's a bit of a twat, actually, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... this whole impending trainwreck, while gloriously entertaining, is a bit Home & Away for my liking.

Ginny said...

(BTW - the twatness was referring to Keith, not Bête)

Glamourpuss said...

Wow. Well, I guess Patricia needed a re-bound guy and a revenge shag. Good of you to supply both, but possibly a little naive to think it was anything else.

But I guess universal balance has been restored.


Anonymous said...

Yeh, Ginny, that bloody Keith bloke, eh? Just 'cos he's got MS and split up with his long term girlfriend, who then shagged his best mate, he got a bit upset and narky. What a twat, eh?

You twat.

Anonymous said...

You slept with Patricia? Thats really really low...

Anonymous said...

Hey, not-Keith. At least you were right about Patricia only fucking Stan to get back at you. That must make you feel at least a little less like singing Smiths songs....?

I tried to post this on not-Keith's own site, but it wouldn't let me ('cos I ain't no blogger, man). So I'm using Stan to get to not-Keith (just like Patricia did).

Sorry Stan.

Ginny said...

I wasn't actually referring to him starting the Blog in some kind of "revenge" against Stan when stating my opinion of his twatness.

It was more his writing style, overuse of "fuck" etc.

Unknown said...

God damn, what a train wreck! And it's all so public. And getting with your best friend's ex!!! Stan, you have no shame, none at all. Tsk, tsk.

Some of these responses are almost as entertaining as the drama found on the blogs.

Reading this stuff sort of has the same effect on me as watching Jerry Springer. God, I love my life.

Sorry Stan. Sorry Keith. Sorry Patrica.


David said...

Oh yes. Finding a blog by someone you know, where you find out that things are not quite as they were telling you?

Um, indeed. Tell me about it. Very funny.

Good blog, by the way. Linked.