Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Everybody’s Free (To Wear A Paper Bag)

I’ve been practising thinking positive, because I’ve been told that it helps, that it makes life easier. So, to stop twitching with misery and shouting out, Tourette’s style, in embarrassment as I remember, amongst other things, the rather desperate, pathetic email I sent Patricia a couple of hours before I found Keith’s blog, I scribbled down a couple of lexical amulets to help me remain upbeat and optimistic. And then I got to thinking, hey, I could actually help others with this stuff. Because helping others is what I’m all about. So I started writing a kind of a manifesto for ugly people and other losers. Then I remembered The Sunscreen Song and thought I’d try and blatantly rip it off. I ended up staying up late and writing the following. It wasn’t till after I was done that I realised it was Easter Monday and like Christ, I had risen again and come back to save mankind. Praise me…

Everybody’s Free (To Wear A Paper Bag)

Ugly ladies and gentlemen of the internet… wear a paper bag over your head.

If I could offer you one tip for overcoming overwhelming feelings of ugliness, that might as well be it.

The long term benefits of wearing a paper bag are open to question, but in the short term they’re great at replacing the shame of a hideous face with the embarrassment of wearing a bag. It’s a trade-off. Still, this tip, along with the rest of my advice, should probably be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

I will dispense the rest of this advice now.

Remember at all times that physical beauty really is only skin deep and that even though Enrique Iglesias has moist women queuing up to fellate him, he is famously, unconscionably dull. If this makes you feel better, hang onto it for all you’re worth, and don’t give a second thought to George Clooney, who not only is better looking than half a dozen Enriques, but is also a scintillating conversationalist.

Think beautiful thoughts. While you’re about it, buy beautiful things, listen to beautiful music and read beautiful words in the not necessarily entirely vain hope that some of this beauty will rub off on you.

Read. The more you’ve got going on inside you, the less you need to worry about the car crash that is your physical appearance.

Practise your comebacks for when the cruel barbs fly. Perfect them in front of a mirror. ‘Madam, I may be ugly, but I am also stupid and very bad in bed. Oh.’ That sort of thing. Be careful however, not to self-deprecate to the point of self-loathing.

When the barbs do come, try hard to laugh them off; let them bounce off you without causing damage. Don’t be overly sensitive, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you are.

Don’t be afraid of mirrors. While they may not exactly be your friend, they are a reminder that you’re bold enough to face who you are, and to love yourself.

Love yourself. Wear your ugliness like a badge of honour. Remind yourself that any old imbecile can be pretty but it takes real character to carry off a look like yours.

Rejoice in the fact that when people do like you, they really do like you. They’re not just trying to get into your pants because you look good, and they’re not with you for the cachet your company brings.

Avoid people who want to make themselves look good by surrounding themselves with freaks.

Surround yourself with freaks. (If this simply not possible, forget about it. It wasn’t the best piece of advice in the world in the first place.)

Accentuate the positive. If there’s really nothing in your appearance to be remotely positive about, accentuate the negative.

You’re only as ugly as you feel.

Don’t be intimidated by superficial fuckwits who cannot offer the world anything more than a camera-ready smile and a pig-ugly soul. You are better than they are. Just not as good-looking.

If you happen to be as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside, you probably need more help than I can give you here.

Floss. Good teeth mask a myriad of sins. If you don’t have good teeth, get some.

Work on your body. God may have given you a baboon’s behind for a face, but there really is no excuse for being fat. Besides which, your body is your temple. Worship.

If you do believe in God, remember that He loves you. If on the other hand you have sanity on your side, thank God you’re only ugly.

Dancercise. If you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room, well, that’s probably a good thing.

Remember that there are five senses and being ugly marks you down on just one. So make sure you concentrate on the others: smell good, sound good, practise sensitive tactility and sprinkle a little cinnamon on your genitalia every day, just in case you get lucky.

Wash. Good hygiene counts for so much in this world. If you really need to be told this at your time of life, there may already be no hope for you.

There is ALWAYS hope.

Embrace metrosexuality. Pamper yourself with oils, powders and unctions. Moisturise daily. If your skin is soft, supple and touchable, chances are someone somewhere will want to touch it.

Wear good clothes. The expression ‘You can’t polish a turd’ is a vicious, pernicious lie. You most certainly can polish a turd. Indeed, it is your duty as a human turd to polish yourself daily, and a fine wardrobe is some of the best turd-polish money can buy.

Smile. Even if you have a mouth like a block of blue cheese, smile like you really mean it. The whole world may not smile with you, but the best people will.

You are NOT as ugly as you imagine. Are you? Actually maybe you are. If you are, then really, the dancercising, flossing and good clothes will help. But if you’re genuinely not, you may actually have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Look into it.

You are NOT as Body Dysmorphic as you imagine. You’re just fat. Eat less. Dancercise.

Wear a hat. Hats are the icing on the cake, the fairy on top of the Christmas tree, the fan of glorious feathers that turns the fat ugly peabird into a glorious cock. A good hat can be like sunshine above the clouds; a beautiful day atop the miserable blanket of smog that is your face. A hat can be the ultimate signifier of dignity. Remember, without that hat and those snazzy threads, Humphrey Bogart was just another ugly bugger in ill-fitting dentures, waving a gun about and grimacing like a gargoyle.

Avoid corrective surgery like the plague that it is. Don’t go under the knife unless you absolutely have to, or else part of you will always regret the other parts of you that you threw away.

Pleasure yourself intensely.

Use pornography if you feel the need, and use it shamelessly, but don’t let it get a hold on you.

If possible, sleep with people less attractive that you are. Both sides can only benefit from the union.

If possible, sleep with people more attractive that you are. Both sides can only benefit from the union.

When you mess up, when you embarrass yourself or just stutter or dry up because you’re too nervous, don’t beat yourself up over it. Other people forget quickly; they have their own stuff to think about. Also, the best way to help them forget your humiliations is to do something magnificent.

In the words of Ian Dury, be magnificent. Dury was crippled with polio but was so magnificently charismatic that many people tended not to notice.

Do not blame other people, even if you feel they might actually be to blame. You really are the master of your own destiny.

Do not hate yourself. I know that’s often much easier said that done, but keep it close to you at all times, and always believe it. It’s incredibly important.

Kindness lurks in the most unexpected of places. When kindness creeps up on you and takes you by surprise, allow it to reaffirm your faith in humanity.

Have faith in humanity, because faith in humanity is faith in yourself.

Be careful whose advice you buy, and be very suspicious of those who supply it. There are a lot of cynical heartless people out there whose sole aim in life is to exploit your insecurity.

Oh, and take that paper bag off your head.

You look ridiculous.

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Windypops said...

That was excellent.

Wanted to say thanks for dropping by. I've been a fan since Rachel's blog featured you a while back.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, do you mind if I steal it and send it to a couple friends. I promise to give you all the credit :-)

Thanks for making my morning!

Cynnie said...

how did you find windys blog?

I hate not knowing something..( given that you'd think I'd be studying algebra like a motherfucker)

Anonymous said...

Just stunning! You never cease to amaze me :o)

Bittersweet said...

very very clever (and i feel better, thank you - it works! (especially the .. pleasure yourself intensely .. bit))

Unknown said...

"Enrique Iglesias has moist women queuing up to fellate him, he is famously, unconscionably dull"

He's also notoriously small cocked, which takes the shine off still further.

Killashandra said...


This was one of the funniest things I've read in a while, but also one of the sweetest and nicest :)

I laughed, I smiled, I saw beauty and humour in the world. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

The Dick Bruna Huis in Utrecht has a shop which sells all sorts of things other than Miffy related merchandise, including a square mirror with positive affirmations written from the very top corner to the very bottom corner.

Anonymous said...

Sshh, Stan. Do you hear that? It's the deafening silence of your regular posters.

When were you going to tell Keith about you & Patricia?

Joanna Cake said...

Oh, well done. That was very life affirming :)

Glamourpuss said...

What would Churchill say about Paris Hilton?

Probably what he said to that bird at the dinner party.


Anonymous said...

fuckwits who cannot offer the world anything more than a camera-ready smile and a pig-ugly soul

That is the best description of Paris Hilton I've ever heard. She is without doubt the most pig-ugly soul to ever walk the earth. I wouldn't spend one minute in Paris!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had the nerve to listen to the Smiths after such non-Smiths like behaviour. The other anonymous is right: how can we trust you now?

Anonymous said...

Hang on...


Unknown said...

Stan, I have a very serious question for you. Really. No joke.

Do you think posting about sleeping with your best friend's very recent ex will help you find a girlfriend?

I guess I just think it's poor advertisement.

And, while I like your post, sadly (or happily, in this case) none of it applies to me. I still want to see what you look like because I refuse to believe you're as ugly as you think you are.


La Bête said...

Cheers, Windypops. Thanks for dropping by yourself. And hello! This internet community lark is a hoot!

Steal away, Selena! Spread me wide and wafer thin like a wanton slimming virus.

Cynnie, hello. I’m afraid it’s the off-colour story of a recent YouPorn discovery and a rather rum Google search for sybians and stuff. Ninjas may have been involved.

Thanks, Penelope and bittersweetme! And Killashandra! I’m just like a big bouncing ball of PMA at the moment. You should probably just toss me in a hoop and have done with it.

Michael, where do you get your information? Are you making it up, just as I’m making up mine?

Hen. Miffy is evil. Yes, cinnamon.

Cake-lady, thank you. It’s nice to affirm life now and then. Now and then life is worth affirming.

Papps, she is a horror, isn’t she. I read today that her new film has already been voted the worst film of all time on IMDb, with a lot of people who haven’t seen the film voting for it anyway because they loathe her so much. Ordinarily I wouldn’t approve of such discrimination, but in this case it seems spot-on. If she showed any sign of intelligence, I would swear she was the devil.

Tamara, it may be poor advertisement, but I really do believe it’s better to be upfront about one’s faults and foibles. When I fall in love, proper, reciprocated love, I’ll post a photo of myself with my loved one. OK? Then will you be happy?

Anonymous said...

"Remind yourself that any old imbecile can be pretty but it takes real character to carry off a look like yours."
You seriously crack me up, while writing so much truth! Amazing!

A very, very late reply to this post, but I just had to let you know that not all women care about looks. Seriously, some get hot for what's on the inside.
And because I know you wouldn't believe me, just read my latest post on my blog. I wrote it for men like you (yes, there are more). You're great!

Tea said...

Absolutely wonderful! I`m so glad I found your blog.


Antipo Déesse said...

I'm heading out to buy some cinnamon right now.

Soliloquy said...

You can't polish a turd

But you can roll it in glitter!