Friday, 11 April 2008

Day Five :: Break Point, Break Fast

bulk :: 16st 3 (I have lost one pound short of an entire stone in five days)
alcohol units imbibed :: 0
cigarettes smoked :: 18 (I know. I’m… there are no excuses. Basically, because I’d been smoking a few joints throughout the week, almost certainly further impugning the integrity of the fast, I began to worry about succumbing to the dreaded skunk psychosis that I’m hearing so much about. [From the voices in my head.] But I found myself suddenly really taken by a desire to continue smoking. And I’m afraid that since yesterday afternoon, I rather fell off the Baccy Wagon. I got a lot of work done, but that’s… that’s actually completely irrelevant and probably a sly attempt at some kind of justification. Anyway, harm done. Back on the wagon. Plus I finished off the weed last night so now it’s back to total abstention.)
joints smoked :: 10-15
runs run :: 0
swims swum :: 0
calories :: 0 (Meh. Maybe two or three in the paprika.)
concerns :: 1 (Namely, that I’m going to run out of Tree Syrup by the end of this evening. That'll teach me not to mainline it.)

Aaaaaah, April. She really is cruel, you know. She’s a manipulative, cruel cow who delights in tormenting; she waltzes in with her wicked sense of humour and convinces you that winter is a thing of the past, then she rains all over you for four weeks like a fetish lady. And snows to boot. As I write this, black clouds loiter above me like Spartans ready to storm in and ruin this afternoon.

This morning I was offered the opportunity to be slaughtered at tennis again. I really fancy it, especially as I’ve done nothing all week but smoke and starve myself. But I thought, if I play tennis after five days without food, I may very well do myself an injury. So I went out and bought half a kilo of spinach, and have just prepared it with oil and salt and chilli. It’s here in front of me now. Hold on.


Mmm. That was divine. Food really has its moments. That was one of them.

It’s been an incredible week on the whole. I have been very happy with the fasting experience and overjoyed with everything that it’s thrown up. I’ll be back on the fast after the spinach, as I want to keep this going over the weekend. I’ve got a lot to do, including a bit of reading on this guy and the wonderful things he has to teach me.

Right, I’d better clean the sick of myself and get going.

Just kidding, no sick.

Happy Friday to you.

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The procrastinator said...

16 stone 3! Amazing! Congrats man you really deserve it. You have got to post some pictures.
How tall are you by the way? just wondering cause you might not be a fatty anymore.

Penelope said...

I can't help but be worried a little. I am absolutely not pissing on your bonfire but is losing this much weight so quickly really safe? Will it stay off? I hope you're going to be ok and now I will stop sounding like a Mum ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ignore the naysayers and keep fasting - that's my advice. At this rate I reckon you'll be down to about 6 stone by summertime. Then you can really wow the ladies of Brockwell Park with your new physique. Anorexic and Ugly. How could they resist?

In particular, I think you should ignore the misguided comment which suggested that you'll come to regret your recent ramblings.

If you started worrying about how this guff will be viewed in the future, then you probably wouldn't write any of it in the first place. The guileless honesty is key to the appeal of this site.

The only things you might regret are the typos. But you were too hungry to notice and I'm too polite to mention them.

The day you start worrying about how you'll be perceived is the day I stop reading.

I'm sure you'll miss me.

Annie Rhiannon said...

Happy friday to you, too, my new favourite blonker.

suburbanhen said...

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great blog. I just stumbled upon your site, but I must say, you've got a gift for storytelling. You should consider publishing some of your stuff in book form. You really should! I think it would sell very well.

Caroline said...

Congratulations, 16st3lbs is fantastic.At the risk of sounding like your mum, do be careful though.