Monday, 18 May 2009

Scanmongering Monday :: Titter Ye Not

I thought it might be difficult to keep this Bookscan thing going, what with selling all my books and everything, but then, teased and titillated by the fickle fingers of fate, I found myself in another place with another (albeit much smaller) selection of odd tomes. So fear not, scanfans… the fun continues.

Last week’s Bookscan was, as I suspected it might be, the first to be successfully identified. The winner, Litha, has elected to share her controversial prize of an old lady’s porcelain dog with Dermot, who recognised the book but was too lazy to ascertain the correct title. The dog therefore will be smashed, and the pieces mailed just as soon as the winners send me their addresses.

And so, without further ado, to this week’s Bookscan. Put a title to the book from which the following illustrations are taken and win this week's prize: a dead man’s wheelchair. (Or maybe something else.)

I say.

Ooh, how annoying. I got all excited a moment ago when I received this month’s Book Slam mailout and saw that David Simon will be appearing. My mind was already reaching for my credit card to book myself a ticket, before I realised that I don’t live in London anymore.

Oh, well. I’m sure he’ll come to Grimstone one day.

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Melissa said...

Oh, Bete. You have a lot of spare time, don't you? As it happens, so do I. Hurray for that. Is it Saucy Seaside Postcards by Alan Wykes?

La Bête said...

Ooh, you motherfucker. (No offence.) I knew that one was too easily searchable. Bollocks. I'm saddened by your success. Which is wrong of me I think. Sorry.

OK, you are a winner, and as I don't want to get myself a reputation for welching on competition prizes, you shall have your wheelchair. I'm coming down to London on Thursday, so I can bring it on the train with me. Are you in London? If so, I can meet you somewhere on Thursday night and chair you up. Let me know.

Oh, and well done. Congratulations.

Dan said...

That them there are bamforths postcards.

I come from Holmfirth where Bamforths first originated. He was a movie producer initially and Holmfirth was very much the hollywood of the UK (I'm talking in the very early days of silent cinema here).

I actually grew up in Bamforth's old mansion (well a third of it, as it had been made into a rather strange terrace in the 50's. We had the middle section, and had two sets of stairs, one the grand elaborate main staircase covered in
ornamentation and coving, and the other an incredibly steep and narrow set of servants’ stairs. My bedroom still had the wires from the butler bell calling system in place, although unfortunately they no longer worked.

Not relevant, but I like to shoehorn my knowledge of local history in if I get the chance.

La Bête said...

Well, I'll go to the bottom of our stairs! Thanks for that, Dan. Would you like a wheelchair too? (There are two here.)

Anonymous said...

Are you really giving away wheelchairs? Are you really smashing up porcelain dogs and posting the pieces?

Curiouser and curiouser

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

But is it Wykes or Bamforths? I demand to know!

Dan, the house you grew up in sounds utterly brilliant. I am jealous.

I was going to suggest The Sun's Bumper Book of Dodgy Cartoons. But I woulda been wrong. So there you go.

Anonymous said...

is it wrong that i find the first one disproportionately titillatory?

Litha said...

You're doing a Solomon on me!

Yes I know, I asked for it. But I can't bear the thought of that poor dog being smashed to pieces.

On the other hand.. I do wonder if you would actually send a smashed doggie to me. Can I trust you with my address, or will you be sending me saucy postcards?

I think I'll take the chance.

Tim Footman said...

Ha ha! Cock! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

rats. my guess was a scholarly work "Cocktail Napkins as Harbinger of the End of Days"

Melissa said...

Oh, hurray! Using that word too much. I win a wheelchair! Don't I? I shall email you, with trembling hand...